Optimism can lead to Happiness at Work

We’re living a life of comfort, our food is delivered to our desk, and we are confused between products when we shop them online starting from our socks to our books. We are earning these bulky paychecks but are we happy? Maybe those paychecks don’t lead to happiness at work. Then what does? It’s our perception of looking at the things that make us happy or sad. You would be happier if you are able to find a purpose in whatever you do, but you would be miserable if you don’t have a clue how your work is contributing to the growth of the company or is impacting the society.

As Shawn says, it’s the lens that needs to be changed, the lens through which we perceive the surrounding environment. Swapping the dull boring lens with the happy and optimistic lens will result in happiness at work. You need to find happiness in whatever you do, this will not only motivate you to get the work done, it will also lead to higher job satisfaction.

Amy – the baby unicorn, was really about to cry until Shawn told her that maybe she is a unicorn. Despite the pain, the happy lens made her smile and she believed that she is a magical beast who is capable of doing magical things. I know you are not a kid anymore and you won’t be fooled with Shawn’s trick, but finding the positive side of anything will surely make you happier. In life, everyone falls at some point in time, but knowing how to bounce back is what decides your fate. Knowing that you are in fact a unicorn when you land perfectly after you fall, is something that can keep you going forward.

happiness at work

You may be unaware how happiness at work can benefit you in various ways. To adopt an optimistic approach, you need to rewire your brain, which is so much habituated to point out the negatives. Shawn’s method to rewire your brain will transform it into something that sees the best in people and things. You can do it just in a two-minute span of time done for 21 days regularly. You need to write down three unique things that you are grateful for, for 21 days in a row. By such practice, your brain will automatically become accustomed to seeing the positive aspect first instead of seeing the flaws.

Not only will it make your brain more optimistic, it will also make you relive 3 positive experiences that happened in last 24 hours. You can thus reverse the formula of happiness, creating an aura of positivity and optimism. And you know what? Happiness is contagious. So, when you are happy, you will try to make other happier, by spreading happiness to everyone in your surrounding. This goes on and on.

We can thus create a never-ending cycle of happiness as we all know happy employees are more successful, and again success leads to more happiness.


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