Highest Paying Jobs for 2020 : Jobs With Highest Salary

Choosing an ideal career path can be like overcoming a difficult terrain with no sight of what the future might behold. One needs to acquire proper knowledge and understanding of their skills, talents and capabilities. They also need to know about the future prospects and probable income opportunities in each field.

If we look into various statistics, it is generally always seen that most of the highest paying careers are in medicine, for obvious reasons such as that the healthcare system is in a long period of exceptional growth and the hurdles to entry are so high that the field is clearly self-selecting. The jobs that pay the highest are usually in a professional field, and require a lot of education, responsibilities or a lot of risks.

Highest Paying Jobs

highest paying jobs of 2020

Here is our list of the highest paying jobs of the year 2020.


These professionals require a good 10 to 12 years of higher education to become qualified to do the job, from college to medical school to a residency which is sometimes up to 4 years. They diagnose and treat illnesses in hospitals, perform surgical procedures, prescribe medications, make referrals to specialists, etc. The median salary of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon is $355,864, Anesthesiologist is $278,016 Surgeon is $254,329 and of Obstetrician and Gynecologist is $207,177 per year.


The health care professionals who take care of our mental health also make quite a healthy salary. Psychiatrists also go through medical school and have the responsibility of prescribing medicines. With more than 3000 projected jobs in the next decade, their median salary is $194,507 per year with a required education level of a Doctorate. 

IT Manager

IT Managers are in charge of the IT department at a corporation or organization, working with responsibilities and authority over the technicians and analysts who maintain an organization’s computer networks running. They also have other tasks such as assessing the organization’s computer requirements and making recommendations for fixes and upgrades. These managers earn a median salary of $146,360 per year that demands a Master’s degree.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers establish the best methods for extracting oil and gas, design and develop extraction equipment, optimize production, manage drilling sites, formulate and implement drilling plans. Petroleum engineers need numerous years of highly specialized post-bachelor’s education and work experience to earn a median salary of $137,720 per year. 


Pharmacists’ responsibilities include interpreting a physician’s orders for medications, analyzing potential drug interactions, dispensing medications according to standards, and many other duties. One needs a Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) degree as well as licensure to become a pharmacist. They can earn a median salary of $128,090 per year.  

Jobs With Highest Salary


Apart from flying a plane, a pilot also has other responsibilities to make sure that the plane flies safely and smoothly that includes submitting flight plans, carrying out pre-flight aircraft checks, navigating in the air and acing in response to emergencies and other changes in flight. They require a bachelor’s degree and the appropriate licensures and can earn a median salary of about $121,430 per year.


Lawyers are significantly essential for every aspect of government, business, entertainment, healthcare, etc. They represent individuals, organizations, or government agencies and protect the accused from injustice, keep businesses on the straight, help families manage their assets and provide legal counsel when someone has been aggrieved. Lawyers need a Juris Doctor degree and appropriate licensure and can earn a median salary of around $122,960 per year.

Physician Assistant

Physician assistants constitute one of the most fundamental aspects of the healthcare system. They are also qualified to examine, diagnose, and treat patients especially in rural and underserved areas in the absence of doctors. They rightly deserve and receive a median salary of around $100,000 per year.

Financial Manager/Analyst

A Financial Manager has the job of overseeing the financial operations of a business, such as writing reports and white papers, maintaining proper records, and making sure that the finances are in order. And Financial Analysts analyze the finances of a business, such a cash flow, investments, and returns, to make recommendations on what has and can work. These professionals earn a median salary of around $80,000 to $100,000 per year.

Political Scientists

Political scientists need a master’s or doctoral degree to research the political processes, identify political trends, analyze the effects of government laws and regulations and make policy recommendations. They work for government agencies, non-profits, and research organizations that require such expertise. Their median salary is around $122,220 per year.

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