Highly Paid Programming Languages of 2020

Advancement of technology has developed every sector of the world, not leaving even the Computer Science and IT sector behind. Come 2020, and we see a vast range of programming languages in which one can study and earn good money by putting it into use.

Top Paying Programming Languages

Some of these most popular programming languages are associated with the highest-paying tech gigs. These programming languages yield an average annual salary north of $100,000. So, let’s take a look at the highest paying programming languages of the year.

Paid Programming Languages


The Go programming language is the most elevated paying programming language in use. The payment level of this programming language ranges up to $110,000 every year. The Go language was developed by IT giant Google and introduced to the market in November 2009. The Go programming language is used for projects within Google and in popular services like SoundCloud, Netflix, and Dropbox, among others. The popularity of Go has increased significantly over the years because of the advantages of the language in parallel processes, speedy start-up time, and in using memory whenever necessary. Go programming language is considered as the server language of the future world.


This programming language is significantly used in creating and developing Web apps. The language was used for improving the server of various web services. The primary purpose of the Ruby programming language is to create compelling and understandable programs for the future.


This programming language is used for developing applications in Apple devices, like the Mac OS X and iOS. This is one of the most popular language choices for Apple, despite the emergence of Swift language. The programming language also facilitates the job hunt for specialists and also is high paying language.


Developed by Microsoft engineers to effectively develop applications in the .NET platform, this is a simple programming language. If one wishes to gain knowledge and experience in the creation of native apps under MS, then c# is the one for them. Presently, the C # language is used to develop several apps like desktop programs, huge web portals, as well as website services.


Python has several characteristics: qualitative framework, vast training materials, simple coding techniques. It is a fiercely competitive language and one of the most powerful among the lot. The programming language is used for performing mathematical calculations, adept data analysis, web development services, machine learning as well as task automation. The Python programming language is used for developing applications like Youtube, Dropbox, Reddit as well as Google.


Java is a popular and highly demanded programming language among the employers as well as the developers. The programming language is used for developing products of the banking sector as well as in automated testing. The Java language is useful in cross-platform devices and is apt for learning. Java is used in creating both servers as well as mobile apps.


This is the primary language for developing applications like macOS, iOS, watchOS as well as tvOS. A universal programming language efficiently in use for Apple products, the significant characteristic of the language is the speed. Speed of the language both in developing the project as well as implementing the application.


This programming language, which is the official improvement language for Android, was developed by JetBrains, an IT company. The rapidly growing program has several advantages like ease of understanding, concise syntax, compatibility with Java language, efficient Google support, and a growing community.

There is a lack of proficient developers in the market today. As such, a person adept in any above programming languages would earn a fortune. Also, a person can have knowledge in more than one programming language. That would be an added advantage! All the person needs is the jest to learn and understand the programming languages efficiently and master them to earn in dollars!

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