How Bosses Get You Demotivated at Work

It is understandable that a boss has a lot of tension on his mind as he has to handle hundreds and thousands of people. Every boss works differently. So everyone cannot have the perfect boss. Some bosses may be jovial whereas some bosses may be Hitler-like. But that does not mean they behave that way all the time. The boss works a certain way because he has to get work done in a given time. He may say things that can make you demotivated at work, but you need to learn the art of not taking it to your heart.

Sometimes, bosses don’t realise that their behaviour can bring down the productivity of their employees. They take it for granted that being the boss they can make use of their position and say whatever they feel like. The words may not be said intentionally, but they do have an effect of demotivating someone to a great extent. More so, if things are spoken in front of a lot of people in the office.

Ways To Tet Demotivated At Work

Insults your work

No one is perfect and we all know that. We learn from our mistakes so that we don’t repeat them in the near future. If your boss is the kind of person who doesn’t forgive and forget then that could be the beginning of a painful journey. Such a boss will always remind you about your previous goof-ups which can be very demotivating. Although the boss may repeat it to alert us, but instead, those insults no longer make you interested in the project anymore. If a boss is always picky enough, no one would make special efforts. Thus, the boss ends up making work a necessity, and not something that one would enjoy.

Insults your work

Insults no longer keep you interested in the work you do.

Does not trust with important work:

A boss who wants to reach perfection will never give you important projects do deal with, if you have goofed up before. This can also get demotivating because you feel that no one appreciates your work and efforts. When this happens, employees often doubt themselves, and their capabilities. A boss can be a hard-taskmaster, but he needs to be empathetic towards his staff if he expects good quality work from them. On the contrary, if someone makes mistakes, give them an important task. By giving them more projects, they work harder and learn how to face challenges. All humans are flawed, and so are the employees, but that does not mean that they cannot be trusted. To increase productivity and a healthy working environment, the seniors must see to it that the employees are constantly motivated and trusted upon.

Taking away your assignments:

A good and healthy competition at workplace is necessary. It is healthy in fact, for everyone to possess a competitive spirit. But, the boss must realise that it must not exceed a certain limit. An office will have all kinds of people. The boss’s favourites are also included.  It is difficult to undo the mistakes you have once committed. It is more difficult to make your boss believe that you have changed. The most discouraging thing is when your task is given to your colleague because your boss finds you incapable of doing anything right. Such times can be very disheartening especially when you are more capable than the other person. The boss must never judge a person based on their mistakes.

Taking away your assignments

The most discouraging thing is when your task is given to your colleague because your boss finds you incapable of doing anything right.

Focussing on Mistakes

A boss will always strive for perfection in everything he demands. Sometimes, small blunders can be made by the employees. But, at such times, the boss must learn to look at the bigger picture in front of him and not at the mistakes. The boss must avoid doing so, especially in front of a crowd. The boss has a right to say what he likes but he must also look at the situation. If the mistake is small, for example a spelling mistake in the document, it is better to let the employee know about it alone than pointing it out in front of the entire office. The employee feels dejected that his work is not appreciated and only mistakes are pointed out.

A boss must let his employees know about their mistakes, but he must do it very discreetly. Discouraging an employee on the basis of small mistakes that anyone can make, is wrong. The boss must be someone who can understand his employees and guide them on the right path by being there for them. Pointing out mistakes is important because it is all about business. But to make it evident in front of others is something that is not required.

How to work your way out of such discouragement:

Discouragement is not something anyone likes. More so, if it is done in front of a lot of people. But, you must remember that a boss discourages you because he wants you to do better. The boss has a lot of work and responsibilities at hand. When he depends upon you, he feels that you will be perfect for the task. It is good to double check your work before submitting, therefore, not giving your boss a chance to complain.

work your way out of such discouragement

It is always good to talk about it to your boss in a calm but stern manner.

If your boss picks up on your mistakes or gives your tasks to someone else, then learn to speak up. Be polite but be a bit firm. It is good to let him know that you will no longer commit mistakes. You can excuse yourself and speak to him personally how you have learnt from your past mistakes and that you will be cautious with your next assignment. Be confident when you ask for a particular project so that your boss realises that you are a hard worker. Let your work do the talking. Appreciate him when he points out your mistakes. Make your boss feel that he is right and tell him you will not be repeating the mistakes again.

Life is much easier when you complicate it less and accept things the way they are. Moving ahead is the only way and getting demotivated at work is a part of the experience. You need to take it in the right spirit and deal with it accordingly.

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