How Can I Find Seasonal Jobs Hiring Immediately?

Picture a ski resort in the middle of the holiday season. Or, a Macy’s store in December. It’s that time of the year when many industries are getting in on the hiring bandwagon. If you’re a job seeker who’s wondering how you can find seasonal jobs hiring immediately, you’re asking the right question at the right time.

The beauty of a seasonal job is that you can find one that fits your lifestyle. Whether you’re in search of a home-based position, an outdoor job at a ski resort, or an in-store retail job, there are plenty of options to consider that make seasonal jobs worth looking into. You can even get a position titled ‘expert cookie taster.’

Most companies – especially in the retail, tourism, and transportation sector – hire seasonal workers for Christmas, which is the busiest season of the year. Seasonal employees are a key asset for companies that want to be productive during peak demand.

Katie Doyle, a 22-year-old student, spent her last winter working at an Amazon fulfillment center in Delaware. “I wanted to make money during the holiday season,” she said. “So, a seasonal job was the best bet.”

find seasonal jobs hiring immediately

Seasonal jobs provide a unique opportunity to explore new positions and new companies and make money while doing so.

One of the biggest challenges with finding seasonal employment is the little timeframe. You need to start applying for jobs before the holiday season begins. The earlier you begin applying for seasonal employment, the more choices you’ll have and the more likely you’ll be to find a job that’s a great match for your employment needs.

Here’s how to search for and apply for seasonal jobs, along with job search tips, and advice on where to look to find seasonal jobs hiring immediately.

How to Find Seasonal Jobs Near Me?

Job search engines are an excellent way to find seasonal employment. Popular job sites, such as CareerBuilder, Indeed, TheLadders, LinkedIn and Glassdoor offer advanced search features where you can search by keywords like “local seasonal jobs,” “winter seasonal jobs,” “winter season jobs,” “best seasonal jobs,” “part time seasonal jobs,” or “best seasonal jobs,” etc.

You can also find jobs on sites dedicated to seasonal employment. The HR Digest has created a list of job sites to find cool, unusual, odd, and adventurous seasonal jobs: CoolWorks, BackdoorJobs, SeasonalJobs, SeasonWorkers, and Caterer. It’s advisable to include your location in the search tab for maximum efficacy.

Once you’ve identified the position you’re interested in, you can scout companies and apply directly. A lot of employers accept online applications on the website. If you have connections, use them. Referencing someone could also help boost your chances of an interview.

Seasonal jobs also provide a unique opportunity to explore new positions and new companies and make money while doing so. Regardless of your reason to find a seasonal job, it’s important to take time to research and explore the opportunities.

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