As a leader, creating a culture at your organization is in your hands. It happens gradually through the rules you set, the treatment of employees, the HR regulations, and more. Now, are you creating an employee-friendly workplace or the opposite is something you need to determine the company’s progress.

Without a blink of an eye, we will say that it is very obvious that employees prefer working in an employee-friendly workplace. It does not have to be mentioned in a book or white paper. It is a given thing. An employer is also a leader, and even if you are not an employer a leader should also promote a friendly workplace in his tribe. So, how do you promote an employee-friendly workplace as an employer? Are you a self-less giver? Do you provide these things to your workforce so that they love working for your company?

A Welcoming Attitude

Many organizations boast of an open door policy, but how many of them really abide by the same? Do you have a welcoming attitude when your employee wants to talk about something with you? Employees feel like a priority when you allow them to discuss anything without being rude.

We do not, by any chance, mean to say that you should ignore some important task on hand to sit with your employee. But at least, you can politely ask them to come again in some time. Even better you can schedule a dedicated time for discussing stuff with your employees. This way they are assured that they can come to you whenever in need.

Also, once in a blue moon, if your employee comes to you with a personal problem, do not shoo him away. Showing empathy will make him more connected to you. Lend your ear and this may just turn out to be a motivational boost driving more productivity in your employee.

A Recreational Ambience

Do you have informal get-togethers at your organization every once in a while? Or as a leader, do you meet your employees over movies or dinner at times? If not, start doing so. Such things exude that you are not an employer or a leader who is not concerned about the workers recreational time. In fact, you are someone who makes sure that they get ample amount of refreshing activities in return for all the hard work that they put in.

A Culture of Recognition

Perks, praises, attention, zero tolerance towards a partial attitude, important information about things, all these are a part and parcel of how an employee feels recognized and valued at the workplace. Yes, criticism and feedbacks are very much important, but praises and appreciation are equally important as well. You just need to find a balance between both. If they are in a problem give them your attention, and help them. If they have achieved something, celebrate the same with them. Who won’t feel at home in such a surrounding? The keystone for creating an employee-friendly workplace is not on a set of rules, but normal human psychology and behavior. Get that right, and your employees will definitely love coming to your organization every morning with an outlook as fresh as a flower.

Empathy and Understanding

We are saying about showing empathy, not sympathy. We are not saying that you should pity your workers to give them things. But when they are facing genuine issues show some empathy and provide the flexibility they need. If you provide them understanding in the times of need, they will certainly reciprocate the same towards the organization.

Dear leaders, every employee wants to work in a friendly atmosphere. No one wants to become a robot in a corporate jail. Trust us, providing such important aspects will only increase satisfaction levels and employee retention in your organization. If you don’t believe us, try it for yourself.

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  1. Ronald

    I have always said this: as an employee, I will choose a friendly and stress-free workplace over a job that offers a salary 3 times higher. It is the environment and worker-friendliness of a workplace that attracts highly motivated and passionate employees, not the amount of pay.


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