How Digitalization Makes Every Organization a ‘Tech’ Company

Technology and digitalization have fast changed the face of the globe, with advancements in every field. As such, there is a high probability that tech jobs would soon take up the lion’s share of the job market in the United States. From the period of 2012 to 2017, and there has been an incredible rise in the technology sector of the US job market with a 17% increase. However, these technology and IT jobs are not primarily cropping up from only the technology sector!

Nowadays, tech jobs are also emerging from the non-tech sector, from the likes of agriculture and energy. The percentage of tech workers in the energy sector considerably doubled from 2012- 2017, from a minimum of 3.2% to 6%. Also, the agricultural industry experienced an 89% increase in tech-based workers. This increase can be attributed to the rising demand for digital skills and tech IT capability professionals. Where earlier, occupations required only a minimal average digital skill, nowadays the requirement has increased with advanced tech and digitization of work.

Workplace Digitization

workplace digitalization

Organizations should start by offering the IT teams the required solutions which incorporate innovative technologies like AI in their offices.

For example, previously, a project manager from the agriculture sector only managed a field study where they studied and tested different seeds for crop science. Earlier, they might have fed the results only on paper without much effort. But with the introduction of digital media, they have to perform data analysis. As such, if they have knowledge and experience in technology and working on a data analysis platform, they can boost their efficiency by handling Excel and transferring the data to a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform.

This simple example shows that any company can become a tech company in the advanced time of digitization. The only thing required is an investment in areas that support digital innovation. As the number of employees from the tech backgrounds is ever-increasing, business leaders should highlight the primary role of science, technology and IT to the masses and also provide teams with the digital tools that are necessary to support the digital transformation of a company.

Highlighting the IT Backbone 

We often witness companies giving minimal due to the IT sector in an organization, perceiving them as a mere tool to fulfill business goals rather than marking them as a crucial part of the organization. This needs to stop! In the age of rapid digital transformation, organizations and companies should integrate IT departments and laud their efforts and ideas into the core business practices. The IT team not just troubleshoots technological issues and assists with tech updates, the IT professionals also helps business leaders develop the security systems of newer tech tools and help them understand the complexity of the technology used in their corporations.

Organizations should start by offering the IT teams the required solutions which incorporate innovative technologies like AI in their offices. With these modern tools and methods, IT professionals can give their optimum efficiency and carry out their work effectively. This would also bring profits to the organization as a whole.

Automating IT Service Management to inspire Tech Workers

Automatic processes bring in more efficiency in an organization. An efficient service portal can give the employees one-click access to the service requests that are managed by an automated workflow at the backend. This portal can also help employees to derive DIY solutions for various tech issues at minimal effort.

Digital Workplace For Employees

Automation of a work process acts as a prioritization tool for even the service desk. Instead of a person managing a long queue of customer requests, the modern digital service desks can issue tickets for the customers based on the priority or type. As a result, IT employees won’t have to waste their effort and time sorting through the cards and providing repeated solutions. They can cater to the tech issues and tools they need to work, and their time and energy are channeled to supporting the broader company business goals and innovative technological tools for the future. With efficient IT support, employees from tech backgrounds can transform to be drivers of innovation and bring about a large-scale change in an organization.

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