How HR Leaders Can Build More Trust with Employees

Do your employees trust the company’s leadership? There’s a good reason they should – after all, trust is at the root of every good relationship. This includes the relationship between a manager and employee.

The most thriving workplace cultures are where employees are fully engaged and work with a sense of purpose. According to Great Place to Work, the best company cultures are where employees believe that their leadership is made up of people they can trust.

Trust helps employees be more accepting of organizational change. It is widely known that when employees trust their leaders they are more receptive to negative feedback. It also helps boost morale, build a positive work culture, increase productivity and loyalty.



It’s a natural feeling to be less trusting of inexperienced employees. Employees open up to leaders who show that they trust in their abilities and decision-making skills. Leadership is not about being a great leader. It’s about helping employees be the best they can be.

At the end of the day, their success is your success. When the opportunity arises, encourage employees to spearhead new projects and initiatives. It goes to show that you trust their judgment and vision to help the organization move forward to achieve its goals.


Recognition is a fundamental human need. Employees feel validated for their hard work when leaders appreciate their good work. Employee appreciation is one of the most underrated management strategies to build trust in employees.

A way to disengage employees is to not recognize them or their efforts. HR leaders must encourage the organization’s leadership to shine the spotlight on their team members in order to gain respect and trust. Employees feel liberated when they are given proper credit for their hard work.


Clear and honest communication is the key to trust within teams. As HR leaders, you must create a workplace culture where leaders communicate with their team often – about good things and bad things.

If you want your employees to be happier, you need to break down barriers and hierarchy that obstruct trust to grow within teams. Trust helps employees feel empowered to take risks. You can’t expect resentful employees to be innovative, creative, and fully-engaged at work.

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Anna Verasai
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