How To Pick The Right Job Offer ? Accepting Job Offer

If you are in the lucky position of having more than one job offer at hand and are in a dilemma as to which one to choose, then we bring you a checklist to make the task easier.

First, appreciate the act that you are in demand for your talents and skill and have to choose from some equally attractive offers.

A way to start is first to determine what you are looking for in the job— a great salary, a reputable company, location, or something else.

Accepting Job Offer

how to pick the right job offer

To add weight to your choice, here are some other things you should keep in mind. 

Do a background check on the company

We are sure you must have already done some research on the company but now you have a new perspective so you can dig deeper and see if it meets your criteria of what you want out of your job and does it offer a similar work opportunity and ethos.

Look for the different aspects of the company and if you have any specific questions about the company, do try to find them.

Office environment

You must have already visited the office and come out with an impression. Did the workers seem subdued or was there an apparent camaraderie and friendly atmosphere?

One colleague once let go of a good opportunity because when she visited the premises for an interview, she found the office environment strange. The workers there seemed to be glued to their computers, refusing to make eye contact. There was a deadly silence and an oppressive atmosphere.

She decided against taking up that offer. Later she found out the attrition rate was nearly 75 percent in that company.

Perks and salaries

Study the offer letters carefully and see what perks and benefits each company is offering. Look at the additional benefits that are on offer, which might help you in your selection.

Growth prospects in the company

More than salary and perks, growth prospects should be the topmost priority.

A great salary is of no use if you are going to be stuck at the same position for the next 5 years.

Some of this may have been covered in your interview but an offer letter in hand gives you time to reflect and compare with the other companies. 

What are the opportunities they give for growth and upskilling?

The company, which offers opportunities for wholesome growth, including salary, knowledge, capabilities and personality, is worth working for.

Immediate boss

S/He should be knowledgeable, efficient, sensible, cooperative and also polite. It should be someone from whom you can learn, and respect.

This is the person who is going to be your representation to the higher-ups so an empathetic, secure personality is what you should look for.

Even if all the other requirements tick your checkbox and you are not too happy with your immediate boss, then reconsider. 

The work-life balance

A job that is stressful and does not allow you to devote time to your family and loved ones is not worth taking up even if it is paying you a high salary.

If the company requires you to be available 24/7 and there is no downtime then reconsider. Stress can kill after some time.

Love to work and live to work should be the motto.

A check of the financial credentials of the company to determine job security. 

If you are enthusiastic about joining a startup and after some time down the line the company faces a financial crisis then it would be difficult.

Some other factors to consider are job profile, which company fits your expectation and performance levels.

The location and commute. Obviously, it is not a big factor in determining your choice but it can be a factor.

If the commute is long and stressful with no easy transport available then choose wisely. Almost 3 to 4 hours spent driving behind a wheel or in a crowded public transport can be exhausting.

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