How to answer “What is your greatest strength” question during an interview

“What is your biggest strength?” is a common interview question that most of us have encountered during a job interview. Many candidates are stumped when it comes to answering this question. Establishing the appropriate context and being honest and professional are the best ways to respond. It’s critical that your skills complement the job description. Make your responses as specific as possible.

You have a lot of strengths that you can talk about. Perhaps you are well-organized, a good team player, great at inspiring others, have a strong understanding of your field and can conduct thorough research, or you appreciate challenges and are always eager to take on new initiatives.

It’s a wise idea to do some research on the job position and the company culture before going in for an interview. Make a list of the qualifications listed in the job posting and match at least three of them to your abilities. Soft skills, hard skills, interpersonal skills, or anything else you see fit.

After that, consider what best reflects your qualities that relate to a work environment. Consider real-life instances in the workplace where you’ve used those qualities. You can even give examples of personal situations in which you acted efficiently and proactively.

Brainstorming multiple strengths in real-life situations can come in handy when you are presented with this crucial question: What is your greatest skill?

describe your strengths and skills

You must come up with all your quality strengths to impress the interviewers when they ask – What is your greatest strength?

Whatever your strengths are, you have something to contribute.

Quick learners who can swiftly adjust to new situations, solve problems , and deliver an effective response are strong candidates for new jobs and are more likely to succeed, according to studies

A non-negotiable and tremendous advantage while presenting one’s strength is effective interpersonal communication skills.

Here are some examples of what strengths you can put forward.

*Self Motivation*

All companies search for an individual who is self-driven, can take initiative and does not need much supervision.

*Team Player*

To put forth this strength, give examples of how you took up the slack or volunteered to take on more work when some colleague was out of commission due to an illness or family emergency. Present yourself as someone that the team can depend on to provide a balanced view, for being candid and not shirking responsibility.


Hardwork never goes to waste is a common refrain. It is said that success is ninety percent hard work and ten percent thinking/brain activity. Any company would be glad to have a hard-working employee. Hence, while speaking about your strengths, give examples of your willingness to learn new things, ability to walk that extra mile, and for volunteering to do extra work.

*Interpersonal Communication skills*

You are the one that people and team members depend on to carry forward a task. You are the arbitrator in any situation and willing to present your point of view to the higher ups. These are skills you can present while describing your strengths. A good communicator is always an asset for a company. Good interpersonal skills and communication are handy to have, be it making sales or representing a company in a forum or even in-house interactions.

Remember, interviewers don’t always outright ask “what are your strengths?” It can be phrased differently throughout the interview. For example, they may ask “what qualities set you apart from other candidates?” or “what values do you bring to the table?” or “How would your ex employer or colleagues describe your best qualities?”

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