How to Answer ‘What is Your Greatest Strength?’

In job interview questions, there are always some questions that can surprise us and make us think about the correct answer. One of these moments comes when we think about how to answer what is your greatest strength question. This question might be difficult if we do not have a prepared answer. 

You should think about the answer before a job interview, and you should be ready to answer it before the question arises. In the text below, you will see some of the best what is your greatest strength answer samples. From these samples, you can combine the best aspects and create your own answer to this challenging question

how to answer what is your greatest strength

Michael Scott: “Sometimes I’ll start a sentence, and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way. Like an improved conversation. An improvisation.”

Interview Question: What is your greatest strength? (Sample Responses)

When answering the question “What makes you a good candidate for this position?” you may think of several different things. From your capabilities to do the selected tasks to the overall skills to perform well at the job, you can think of different aspects when answering this question. 

However, there are some good answers that will be good enough to satisfy the person in a job interview. You can describe your strengths and skills in the following manner:

1. Detail-oriented 

I can see through the lens of a microscope when it comes to the problem-solving activity. I am very oriented to each detail that is part of the task that I am responsible for. If there is some room for improvement, I am the first to see the opportunities to make things better. For all these reasons, I can be a good asset in the company if you need a detail-oriented and precise person who will be able to see the different aspects of the tasks.

2. Emphatic 

Last time when I saw my colleague being in a bad mood, I offered him a drink after working hours. I saw that something was wrong for many days and I wanted to approach him in a friendly manner. After the talk, he admitted to me that he broke up with his girlfriend and that is why he was moody and with a bad attitude for weeks. I offered him support in all tasks at work until some time passes and he can be well again.

3. Goal-driven 

I have always been a goal-driven person who wants to get the maximum of abilities from myself and my colleagues. I always see the chances to increase sales and ROI to the point where the company can make a significant difference in the market. If there is a short-term and long-term goal, I always anticipate the obstacles and try to remove them to get to the point where my company can succeed. I am good at observing the market and I see my company’s potential in the market game.

Choosing the Strength 

The mentioned strengths are some of the best strengths to say in an interview. You can always make modifications and change the words and sentences depending on your profession and personal preferences. 

In the interpersonal communication skills that you show in an interview, you can always add something unique and different. Make sure that you are having a good presentation of your strengths because this could be a reason for a hiring manager to hire you or reject you. 

Always be prepared on time, and see how you can improve your presentation. Write your strengths on a piece of paper and elaborate on them further. Make a story that will be representable and authentic. 

Every HR manager will like to hear what makes you a good candidate for this position. If you answer in a good way, you significantly increase your chances to get a job you dream about.

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