How to attract top talent to work with your company

Attract top talent

For every organization, people matters. All of them expect to attract top talent in the market to make their team smarter. But, are those best candidates willing to work with you? This article is here to guide you how to attract the best candidates to work with your organization.

Employer’s often think that attracting brilliant job candidates is easy in this buyer’s market. No, it’s not. Top candidates always have their alternative. They have a lot of options to select from and they can usually afford to be choosy. So, the employers willing to hire top talent need to put some extra efforts into how they recruit and screen individuals.

The burning question is – how to attract top talent? We’ve come up with a few points to consider when you are looking for the strongest candidates to work with you.

1. Have to the point job descriptions. Many a times, employers post an incomprehensive job description that hardly explains anything about the candidate’s responsibilities. The best candidates will move on if they need to struggle just to know the work profile or their eligibility for the role. 2. Clarify the salary part. Let’s be honest, most of the people work for money. Pretending that money doesn’t matter and not clarifying what a role pays will just prove to be disappointing for good candidates. There are loads of employees who hide the salary part until they make an offer, top candidates won’t wait and clear all the rounds just to know what salary they will be offered. Being upfront about the salary in the job post itself will be appreciated by good candidates. 3. Don’t make candidates fill long and time-consuming application forms Many online application systems have made the job easier for employers. But this is not the case when it comes to job seekers. Candidates are asked to fill long and tedious online application form that will demand plenty of information. Stronger candidates won’t spend an hour or two just to apply for a job. 4. Respect candidates’ time. Making candidates wait for long hours or canceling the interview at last minute are totally red flags, indicating the company does not respect their time and it won’t get any better even if they are hired. Candidates with options will choose the company who respects them and their time as an alternative. 5. Ask job focused interview questions. To include goofy questions in the interview like, “If given a chance what kind of animal you would like to be?” is a big No-no! This kind of questions will annoy good candidates especially when they expect to talk about their job, skills and their goals. There are certain abstract questions you can ask to attract top talent instead. 6. Explain organization’s track record. Organization’s track record and reputation play a major role for a job seeker while choosing a job. Candidates want to work for the winners and they will be keenly interested in working with organizations at the top. After all, success breeds success. 7. Address candidates’ queries properly. The interview is not all about the candidate answering to a list of the questions and nodding at the details provided. It is a two-way street. The employer should be ready to answer candidate’s questions and provide them with the accurate details. 8. Maintain transparency through the hiring process. Candidates should be given details about the selection process and should be allowed to talk with their possible co-workers about the workplace culture. Employers who provide such space to candidates and are open about the hiring procedure attracts the most talented candidates. 9. Be worth working for. Organizations that provide a good workplace culture, defined career growth and job recognition along with higher salaries and employee perks and benefits are the preferred choice among job seekers. Employee’s review about working for a certain organization will always be the most important factor for even the best hiring process.

Consider these points while hiring candidates and you’ll find most dynamic and inspired professionals show up at your workplace. If harnessed properly, these will prove to be the best thing that has ever happened to your organization.

Anna Verasai
Anna Versai is a Team Writer at The HR Digest; she covers topics related to Recruitment, Workplace Culture, Interview Tips, Employee Benefits, HR News and HR Leadership. She also writes for Technowize, providing her views on the Upcoming Technology, Product Reviews, and the latest apps and softwares.

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