How to Celebrate National Mentoring Month

There are many ways to celebrate National Mentoring Month, and all of them might be beneficial for you and your organization. January mentor month is part of the long tradition, and it is celebrated all over the country. 

Here are some of the best National Mentoring Month ideas that you can apply in your business or organization to create a more productive and more beneficial atmosphere.

1. Become a mentor 

If you are an expert in some field, you can become a mentor to someone else. It is a highly rewarding privilege because you can help others use their full potential and become the best person they want to be.

January Mentor Month

What is national mentoring month?

By becoming a mentor, you create more management and leadership skills that will increase your satisfaction at work and in your personal life. This way of inclusive relationship will affect your mental health in a good way. You will become more confident and more open to different perspectives. 

If you are searching for ways to become a mentor, you can sign up for the mentoring activity within your organization or company. There are also ways to mentor young people, and this is possible through the schools and universities in your area of living. 

2. Find a mentor 

You can start this National Mentoring Month 2022 by finding yourself a mentor. No matter how good you are in some field of expertise, you can still learn a lot and you can widen your knowledge about the subject. 

It is very important to find the right mentor who will offer you the help you need. Ask yourself a few questions and realize why you need a mentor. It could be the area that you want to excel in or there might be the subject that attracts your interest in some way. 

No matter the reason for finding the mentor, you should be honest when it comes to your expectations. You cannot expect the mentor to be a know-it-all person, because we all have limitations. 

However, you should find a mentor who will be open enough to learn from you too. This is a two-sided relationship that can be full of interesting stories and it can create great outcomes. 

3. Share a mentoring story 

You might have been a mentor to someone who left a special impression on you, or you might have a mentor who really inspired you in some way. If your story about mentorship is truly inspiring, you should share it with others. 

Talk to your colleagues, friends, or family members about the benefits of mentorship. You may inspire them to take the same journey and develop their own stories. 

This could be beneficial even if you have not had an official “mentor.” There might be a colleague, a boss, or a relative that helped you realize some things better. These persons might be your guiding forces that changed your life at some point. 

If your experience was good, you should share it with other people. There are many people who would like to be part of a mentorship program, but they do not know how to start. Guide them and show them the way that can bring them many benefits in their professional or personal life.

If you hear the question “What is national mentoring month?”, you should know that January is reserved for this celebration. The official National Mentorship Day is October 27, and this is the day when the mentorship is celebrated in a more specific way. All of these days are important to remember as this is the way to remember the mentors who shaped us into the way we are today. So, let’s celebrate them all! 

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