How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day at Work Professionally

When we are young we consider that Valentine’s Day is meant only for lovers. As we grow up we develop an understanding that our family is also the one who needs to be shown some love and respect on valentine’s day for all those years of tender care and love given by them. When we get employed our office staff becomes our new family. We spend more time with the office family throughout the day and only a fraction is spent with the family at home at night. Therefore the office family also deserves to be showcased some love and Valentine’s Day is just the day. The following are the ways through which we can celebrate Valentine’s Day at work professionally.

Valentine’s Day Ideas For Office

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  1. Scheduling Valentine’s themed lunch:

To celebrate valentine’s day at work professionally, you can start by scheduling a valentine’s theme lunch. Get the approval of the senior and fix a time with the colleagues to leave their desk during lunchtime and enjoy Valentine’s theme lunch. Contribution can be made by others in organizing a lunch that has favorites and attractions that no one can resist to taste. Finally, a heart-shaped fruit cake in red color can help in finishing Valentine’s theme lunch with great excitement.

  1. Decorations in office:

The decorations can be made in the office. The red color bands and balloons can be fixed on the walls so that the environment could be made colorful. Some banners and signs can add up to the moods of the people to react more amicably on that special day.

  1. Dressing as a cupid:

During the lunch break, you can dress as a cupid and distribute chocolates and gifts among the employees including colleagues and even bosses. Here a pre-approval for such dress-up needs to be taken in advance from the boss or senior. Some games, song singing competition, and other kind gestures can be used during the lunch break.

Office Valentine’s Day Ideas

  1. Creating a competition of sharing personal love stories:

On Valentine’s Day, competition can be kept between the employees to share their personal life love stories. This will help in the revelation of funny, sad, horrible and even heart touching stories about how they met their spouse or love of their life. Plans for marriage in the future can also be revealed by these storytellers which could add to the enthusiasm of Valentine’s Day.

  1. Dress code for Valentine’s Day:

Valentine Day can be made colorful and highly memorable even in office when a dress code of red color and related is applied to all the employees at work. Therefore after getting approval from the senior, the valentine day celebrations can start with coming up with all the employees in the informal dress code. Also, these employees can be asked to bring some gifts or food from home which can be shared among all.

  1. Setting up a wise event:

On Valentine’s Day, the office staff members can use the last hour of the day to celebrate with the underprivileged people. The office staff members can contribute to food and clothing which can be distributed among the underprivileged in the nearby old age or orphanage. This way both the enjoyment and good deed can be done together. The contributions can be made by these employees as per their will making it voluntary participation and self-determined donations.

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