How To Change Your Company’s Culture

Corporate culture has a host of effects in every company. It could either lead to productivity and growth or cripple the entity as it reflects the prevailing management style. Changing your company’s culture, which has grown over many years, can feel like rolling rocks up the hill. A significant event must take place before people can consider culture change. This could be signs of bankruptcy, considerable loss of customers or introduction of an entirely new division. To change a company’s culture is in most cases very easy after negative occurrences. But corporate culture change can be achieved even at the middle of the park. The following steps are ways to change your company’s culture at any time.

1) Understand the existing corporate culture

The failing culture has to be clearly understood to ascertain its shortcomings which are noted to ensure the areas where change is necessary. And the areas the necessary changes are expected to affect. You must first understand the existing corporate culture.

2) Identify the new culture

To build the new corporate culture, the company’s long-term goals should be understood to identify the direction of any culture change. The creation of a new culture entails determining and putting in place structures that will directly affect the desired results. For instance, a company seeking to increase sales might decide to start giving incentives to create a competitive environment which will continuously result in higher sales.

3) Focus on the employee

Building a new process and structures in a company can only be achieved with the employees. Hence, they should not be ignored in any step. Ensure they are properly informed and trained accordingly to enable them function in the new direction. You may also have to bring in new employees that can help with new enthusiasm to help drive the change.

4) Driving the change

It is fantastic to cover the walls with motivational speeches, announce the desired target or reciting the new ways, but showing actions needed as part of the corporate culture change works a lot better. The most influential attitude come from the leaders that must work with the mindset to drive the desired company culture by inciting emotional attachments to bring an air of unity. Driving the change is mostly seen as the hardest aspect of culture change and where new employees are considered very useful in enforcing the culture change.

5) Recognize employees responding to the culture change

To get a committed workforce continuously aimed at achieving the organizational goal, a desire or longing must be created in the employees. This gives a sense of responsibility and a deeper meaning other than just a personal gain to work. You can achieve this by rewarding employees who have shown behaviors supporting the new culture or have been able to evolve towards the current corporate vision.

6) Review

A corporate culture change should be in a constant review to ascertain its effectiveness in achieving the desired goals. This can be done by a continuous evaluation of the results achieved with the revised culture. Effective culture change is perfected by continuously seeking to understand what works and establishing it to shape a culture that works for the employees through which the corporate goal can be advanced.

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