How to conduct 360 performance reviews

Did you know that 90% of Fortune 500 companies use 360 performance reviews with their employers. If there’s one thing executives recommend, it is the effectiveness of year-end reviews (often as part of the 360 reviews program), especially when companies want to promote culture change, achieve a specific goal, and improve HR management systems. The next time you have annual performance reviews pop up on your calendar, you may use this guide on how to conduct 360 performance reviews right.

If you’re planning to integrate 360 performance reviews into the company’s culture, you probably know how effective these reviews can be. With the help of performance review processes, you can get a clearer picture of your workers and you can also better understand their performance at work. Thanks to the innumerable pros of a 360 reviews, we can now apply this process in every company that cares about the progress and work ethics within its premises.

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One small change in annual performance review can make miracles.

How to Conduct Employee 360-Degree Performance Reviews

Here’s a short guide on how to conduct 360 performance reviews and how to get the most out of them.

Keep the Personal Approach 

One of the main points of conducting 360 performance reviews is to keep the approach as personal as possible. Of course, this must not exceed the privacy of the employee, and the approach must be professional at the same time. 

The effective 360 review will have all of the elements of a quality performance paper. It will contain a section for leaving comments and evaluations from other workers. With this option, your employee can get rounded and more precise feedback that speaks about different categories of working performance. 

Your workers will also be able to get feedback from a manager who is up on the ladder of management. With the combination of the coworkers’ feedback and managers’ feedback, you can create a larger and more personal picture of the exact employee. 

Be Creative 

It is not always easy to conduct the 360 performance review. However, you must be creative in these activities to get the most from the reviews. If there is a segment that is specifically important for your management and workload, you should include it in the review. 

At this moment, you can find many templates of 360 performance reviews on the internet. Not all of them are created to serve each manager and each employee. You must be creative and make some changes to the sheet to make it more effective. 

One small change in the performance review can make miracles. If your employees are used to commenting about their colleagues, your job will be easier. If not, you must create ways to make the feedback more simple. 

When you create your sections, you can make more meaningful feedback and you can change the whole structure of the review. Write about your job priorities and highlight the sections that speak about the job that your workers do on a daily level. 

With this option of adding sections, you will make the review more understandable to the employees. 

Select the Priorities 

Each 360 performance review has some of the priority questions and evaluations. Within these parameters, you can find the answers to many questions that may arise in the process of conducting the review. 

Set your priorities in the process, and stick to these priorities even when the subject becomes difficult to manage. At some moments, you will feel overwhelmed with the review and its preparation for the employees, but the set goals will give you the courage to make the process easier to conduct. 

Priorities might be the employees’ performance, their contribution to everyday tasks, or their level of engagement in everyday jobs. Whichever segment you choose, there should be activities that follow your decision. 

Decide on how to set values for creating the feedback and how to reach all of the employees. Each employee should have a positive experience with the 360 performance review. To make this possible, you should create a review that is not discriminatory or offensive.

It should include all of the segments and parameters that speak about the worker’s performance. Equally important, a 360 performance review should have the right timing. When you are sure that you have reached all of the conditions, conduct the 360 performance review and get the needed business results. 

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