5 Steps To Create A Great Workplace

Fancy perks and higher pay are without a doubt the factors that affect employee satisfaction. But are those things enough to create a great workplace? I guess not. When it comes down to ‘great place to work’, employees will always consider the work environment as the number one factor. An environment that appreciates, satisfies and challenges the employees at the same time is liked by everyone. Most of us believe that only tech giants are included in the list of ‘great place to work’, although this may not be true, as many smaller organizations are included in the list. The secret behind achieving this is not by providing lavish perks, but by understanding what your employees really want. WorkplaceSo, whether you are a small business owner or the Chief Executive Office of a Silicon Valley giant, you should know what an ideal organization looks like. And after analyzing your own company, if you feel the need to create a great workplace, here are some ways in which that can be done.

Try to be a role model

When people define an ideal place to work, they probably mean that their workplace has great leaders, who are their mentor or their role model. Authentic leadership is one of the most significant traits of an ideal workplace. And by ‘authentic’, we mean, leaders who don’t hide information from his/her subordinates, guides them to grow, and someone who adds values to the employees.

Eliminating micromanagement

At times, managers get really tempted to micromanage, but interfering in someone else’s work will only lead to bad things. Let your employees do their work in their own way at their own convenience and preference. You can show your employees that you trust them and respect their freedom by allowing them to pick their own desks, taking breaks whenever they feel stuck or something else of similar kind.

Have fun activities at work

All work and no play will make your workplace look dull and boring, a place that makes employees happy only when they are going away from it. So, instead of working all the time, arrange fun Fridays on which you can play some games to build better relationships among employees.

Employee wellness is a big deal

If you aren’t taking any measures to show your employees that you care about their health and well-being, it’s high time to do that. You can arrange “Wellness Wednesdays” on which employees can participate in wellness programs like doing yoga or exercising in team. You can also allow your employees to bring their pets at work once in a month, as pets are a great way to relieve stress.

Get rid of unrealistic rules

It is okay to have rules, as they help to run an organization in a smoother manner. But, forcing your decisions on employees by stating them as “rules” doesn’t do any good. Rules are good, but only if they are legitimate. When asked the definition of a dream organization, most of the people will vote for an organization that is free of arbitrary restrictions.

Anna Verasai
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