How to Create a Sales Compensation Plan

When it comes to compensation plans for sales professionals, there are certain challenges that you must overcome. Building a perfect sales compensation plan is not easy and requires a lot of effort from sales personnel. For these reasons, we present to you the perfect guide on how to create a sales compensation plan that will attract top sales professionals.

how to create a sales compensation plan

It is very important to create a compensation plan for sales professionals that will fulfill all of the sections that include the satisfaction of the personnel, their recognition by the organization, and adequate compensation for their efforts. You should include all these sections in your plans, and this kind of work should adhere to the workflow and organization of the company. 

What are the various compensation plans? 

Sales compensation plans have a fundamental component that is connected to the payment packages for sales department employees. The plan involves payment methods, bonus opportunities, salary increases, and incentives. At the same time, wages, salaries, and taxes are part of the sales compensation models. 

What is the importance of compensation plans?

We all know that higher sales define success. There are many methods to increase sales, and these methods can be automated in many cases. Aside from the digital approach, you can have a salesperson who will be responsible for turning leads, prospecting tactics, and closing sales. All of these aspects will have a significant impact on your sales funnels, and should be taken into consideration when you create a sales compensation plan. 

When there is a good sales incentive plan, the salespersons are encouraged to perform well in sales. The biggest motivation for a salesperson is when they are adequately compensated. For this reason, you should create a plan that motivates and encourages the salesperson to perform in the best manner. 

What are the most important terms related to sales compensation plans? 

We can notice some of the most important terms when it comes to sales compensation plans. These terms are the following: 


You can award your top performers by offering them generous incentives and bonuses. Usually, the incentives and bonuses can be offered in cash, but there are also other methods as well. You can offer dinners, prices, free tickets, and similar advantages. 

Sales accelerators and decelerators 

When a salesperson closes more deals than the quota allows, there are sales accelerators. For example, if a company reaches 100% of the quota, there is a larger commission. The boosting rate will apply and it will reach 12%. This is known as an accelerator. When the last three sales happen after the 100 percent milestones, the company is allowed to use accelerators for those transactions. 

On the other hand, when a salesperson fails to meet quotas, sales decelerators will penalize them. For example, if a salesperson fails to meet at least 70% of his or her quota, the commission will be lower, and decelerators will be present to show the person’s lower activity. The rate will be lower, and it will reach only 8%. This is referred to as a sales decelerator. 

Effective steps to create a sales compensation plan

Building a good plan for sales representatives could be very challenging. However, you can apply certain steps to build a good plan, and these steps include the following:

  • Set your payment targets.
  • Make a decision on your sales compensation regime.
  • Involve all of the members of your team.
  • Have a metric system and apply performance measures.
  • Assign quotas and targets.

All of these steps will help you create a compensation plan that will be available to your sales representatives. Once you have a good plan, you can promote sales and have a budget for the sales activities. As a result, your sales will increase, and you will have more success in your sales department.

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