How To Deal With An Employee Who Makes Stupid Mistakes

Dealing with employee mistakes is one problem that every manager wants to avoid. Most times it brings challenges that could take a long time to handle, or even worse, irreversible. But it’s a different case if the employee making constant mistakes has a lot of potentials and attributes to succeed. Your first line of action should be to deploy effective skills in managing mistakes at work and helping the employee to overcome the challenge. Of course, your office will benefit more if the employee becomes successful.

Below are how to deal with an employee making mistakes if you are not ready to cut the losses.

Ask the employee to find a solution

At first, you’d have to acknowledge that no employee making mistakes will be comfortable at work. They are already thinking about the solution and may have a very nice way of resolving it. Consider asking the mistake-maker to find a solution. This would help the employee to stick with the model since he is the one creating it – not imposed.

Find the problem

While the employee constantly making mistakes provides a solution, you also need to find the problem. Could it be that the mistake-prone employee is dealing with burnout? Perhaps the employee actually doesn’t understand your instructions but won’t say or you are a terrible teacher. You may want to find out politely from the employee if there’s a better way to teach them. Don’t assume that the problem is the employee.

Dealing with employee mistakes

Consider asking the mistake-maker to find a solution.

Invest some time for coaching

Regardless of the officially approved coaching hours, you should understand that you’re dealing with a special employee. Consider putting in more time to teach the employee based on the newly devised system of teaching. This should help the employee to gain back the level of confidence required to perform well and to constantly remember what to do.

Create a culture that supports questions

You don’t want to be teaching the employee without offering the opportunity to listen. How do you expect the employee to ask questions when you’re going to yell back? Let the mistake-prone employee understand you are always available to listen and that no question is stupid to ask.

the dealing with employee mistakes

Consider putting in more time to teach the mistake-prone employee based on the newly devised system of teaching.

Delegate another employee to assist

When an employee makes a mistake, the first person they consider to speak with is always a coworker. Monitoring the employee more closely can only be achieved when your eye is a close colleague. Consider talking to one of the employee’s departmental coworker to help you in assisting the mistake-prone employee. This could give the employee more freedom to communicate his or her challenges while also offering the employee a new pattern of learning.

Follow up the employee

When you are dealing with an employee that’s constantly making mistakes, you must acknowledge that your task has increased, you must follow up the employee’s progress. Consider running one-on-one meetings with the employee regularly. This will help to keep the employee’s consciousness and commitment to the required development and not going back to the bad old habit.

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