How to decline a job offer

It is not polite to procrastinate and keep the people awaiting your response. Here are a few ways to decline a job offer.

If you are in a position where you have more than one job offer at hand or have received a joining letter but realize that it is not the right fit and are in a quandary on how to decline, then read ahead.

Let us be clear here that interviewing for a job does not explicitly mean that you will take it up the same way it is not incumbent on the interviewer to offer you one after interviewing. But if you are in a position to decline a job offer, then it is imperative that you do it politely and gracefully. Secondly, you should be very clear in your mind about the reason why you are declining. Being clear about the reasons for refusing a job offer can help you word the refusal.

What Should Be Included In An Employee Job Offer Letter

A few tips to say thank you, but no thanks.

It is not polite to procrastinate and keep the people awaiting your response. The moment you decide not to accept the offer, convey it to the HR department, as they need to move ahead in the line and to avoid losing the person second on the list too.

Show Appreciation for the Offer

You need to thank the hiring manager for the offer of a job.

It may be his/her job, but s/he still spent a good amount of time interviewing, going through your resume, answering your questions about the company and your position, and taking you around the office, etc.

Write thank you note appreciating the job offer an for taking the time out to take you around and answering all your concerns.

Can give a direct or vague reason for your inability to accept depending on if you have a solid reason to decline or just plain having second thoughts. Here are a few examples –

You can say, “After a lot of consideration, I feel that the job profile is very limiting for my experience and skill set. I am really sorry for missing the opportunity to work in such a wonderful organization (you can add some concrete compliments about the company here). I would really like to hear from you if another opportunity opens up in the future.

Or, “I have given a lot of thought and regret to say that a move to the city is not possible due to personal and family reasons. I am really sorry to have missed the opportunity to work with such a wonderful team. I was eager to join an organization where talent and innovation are given impetus.

Or maybe you can be direct and say that,

“I have decided to accept a position in another company.”

Or, “I am forced to decline as the salary offered is too low for me to make the move. I would still like to convey my appreciation for the time spent in the recruitment process and my experience with the whole process.”

The Medium of Sending your Refusal

Email or Phone.

Both are acceptable. Most people decline through email, as it is a good way to avoid any awkward questions. A phone call, though lends a personal touch. But there is no hard and fast rule.

Maintain a Relationship

Stay in touch. Do not burn your bridges. In your professional world, you are bound to run into people from the same field of similar industries. So it is good to keep your channels of communication open.

Whenever you meet, be gracious to acknowledge the wonderful experience you had interviewing with them. Enquire about common acquaintances. Another important point is to always remember the names, it is complementary and shows your professional commitment. Connect on professional social platforms such as LinkedIn. Acknowledge achievements and let them know your by dropping periodic emails.

Turning down a job is not always easy, but if you do it gracefully and professionally, you never know things may work out in a mutually beneficial manner in the future.

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