How to Get a High-paying Job at Google?

The most comprehensive online search engine – Google has not only controlled a large scale of the internet business but represents one of the world’s largest internet employers due to its many ongoing projects. As a result, information on how to get a high-paying job at Google is a vital piece to job applicants in various sectors. The California-based tech giant has over the years expanded its products to include hardware, communication and publishing tools, advertising services, security tools, desktop and mobile applications, operating systems, and other developmental tools.

As the United State’s fifth highest-paying company, according to Glassdoor, getting a job at Google requires plenty of homework from the candidate due to a high number of applicants and the company’s high-profile hiring process.

10 golden tips on how to get a high-paying job at Google

job at Google high paying

1.     Acquire professional experience

Having a professional experience means you may not necessarily need a university degree to land a job at Google, though degree gives you an advantage. This explains how Google value professional experience over any other credential.

2.     Build your programming skills

Individuals applying for an engineering position must be able to interpret code quickly to have any chance. You must come up with ideas on how to improve on your programming skills to get a job at Google.

3.     Focus more on internships, referrals, and campus recruiting

Applying via Google’s website is generally not ideal if you want to get an interview. Your mode of application should be based on referral, internships, and campus recruiting, through which Google receives the minimum volume of application, compared to its website.

4.     Don’t apply as a fresh graduate

Google will request for your school transcript if you apply within three years of graduation. If you have a low GPA, which is a weakness, Google will have the record forever, limiting any chance you have getting a job at Google.

5.     If your GPA is low, don’t write it on your resume

GPA is not a requirement if you are very good. But this quality does not supersede your academic grades while the HR is comparing your resume with other thousands of resume. Your resume should only present your strength and not any weakness to get you an interview.

6.     Contact a Google recruiter directly

Directly contacting a Google recruiter is a very promising move. You may have to contact as many recruiters as you can to get an interview.

7.     Be highly skilled in one area and have other interests

Individuals with this quality are referred to as “T-shape people.” You need to be very skilled in one area with interest in other fields.

8.     Have a track record on open-source projects

Your grades will matter less if you have an impressive track record on open-source projects, not necessarily for Google. Candidates with less of records of open-source projects have lesser chances of getting hired.

9.     Demonstrate you’re passionate about Google and technology

You must convince the interviewer that you’re passionate about technology and Google. You have a high chance if the energy is noticed by the interviewer.

10.   Categorically state how you can help Google

Aside from Google, communicating how you can help the company of your interest is a very good factor to learn on how to get a high-paying job. You must be ready to explain this because Google will definitely want to know how you can help the company.

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