How to get an entry-level human resources job?

How to get entry-level human resources jobs? Thousands have asked this question of students who want to start their human resources careers

HR professionals play a crucial role in every organization. They manage employees, train them, and provide support services. The demand for HR professionals continues to rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment opportunities for HR managers are expected to increase by 17% between 2014 and 2024.

To become a successful HR professional, you should possess basic knowledge of the field. In this article, we’ll go over some useful information about the requirements and how to get entry-level human resources jobs

How To Get An Entry Level Job In Human Resources  

If your dream is to have an easy job as an HR manager, then it’s time to know management basics first. Although there’s no direct relation with HR jobs, most people will experience some form of management at work. You may be an administrator or supervisor at your workplace. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in human resources yet because we’ve prepared a detailed list for you below detailing what you need to complete before getting hired as an HR manager. 

how to get entry-level human resources job

Human Resources Job Requirements: 

Skills are crucial to securing entry-level human resources jobs. Your skills will either make or break your chances of landing an HR manager job. It’s better to learn these first. Here is what you should do:

1. Learn How to Manage People

You must be able to communicate effectively with other people. Good communication helps you build relationships that will enable you to gain trust from others. Managing people also requires leadership qualities like managing conflicts, motivating employees, delegating responsibility, etc.

2. Learn How To Work With Technology

Technology plays a big part in our lives today. Many organizations use online applications to perform tasks efficiently. As an HR specialist, knowing technology makes you more appealing to employers.

3. Know About Employment Laws

Employment laws govern all aspects of employee behavior. If they aren’t followed, it can result in legal problems. Knowing about different employment laws will help you establish appropriate practices and procedures in your own office.

4. Learn How to Conduct Interviews

You must be good at conducting interviews. When hiring new staff members, you will conduct interview sessions to evaluate applicants’ performances. This enables you to identify potential candidates before placing them on the payroll.

5. Have High Integrity

Employers prefer individuals who have high integrity. Honesty and ethics are among the best character traits an employer looks for. Having integrity means behaving morally and doing things according to one’s beliefs. Showing humility and respect to other people during meetings is another quality employers appreciate.

The List Of Top Entry Level Jobs For HR Managers

There are many HR positions available today, including but not limited to HR Manager, Recruiter, Payroll Specialist, Employee Relations Specialist, Benefits Analyst & Consultant, Marketing Coordinator, Compensation Analyst, Organizational Development Specialist, Staffing Coordinator, Corporate Counselor, Business Operations Executive Assistant, Training Administrator, Event Planner, Office Manager, Administrative Support Specialist, Sales Representative, Public Relations Professional and many more!

So, if you want to change careers, now is the time to start thinking about what career path would suit you best. By reading this article, you’ll learn how to get an entry-level job in HR which will give you enough confidence to pursue your dreams.

Human Resources Qualifications 

A good HR background is essential for any company looking for employee relations. Employers usually look for candidates with a bachelor’s degree or master’s degree in business administration (MBA). It’s important to make sure that when you apply for an HR position, you have the necessary qualification such as:

1. A Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management or another relevant subject

2. Several years of Human Resource Experience

3. Professional Certifications in the field of Human Resources 

huamn resources job requirements

Human Resources Entry-level Jobs Near Me 

Entry-level positions are available in organizations, from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. Here are just a few examples of entry-level jobs in HR:

1. Administrative Assistant 

An administrative assistant handles office tasks, including scheduling meetings. As an assistant, you may perform administrative duties like typing letters, processing documents, faxing, printing, and scanning.

2. Benefits Administrator 

Benefits administrators handle the paperwork related to administering medical insurance benefits. You might also assist in organizing company conferences, meetings, and events. 

3. Case Manager 

Being a case manager is one of the entry-level human resources jobs with high rewards. These individuals  help clients by following up after leaving a home health care provider. They keep track of appointments, record notes, and coordinate care providers. 

4. Customer Service Representative 

Customer service representatives ensure that customers are provided excellent customer service. They can communicate via phone and email with customers who purchase products online. 

5. Claims Processor 

Claims processors take claims and verify them. This ensures that the correct amount has been paid out. 

6. Data Entry Clerk 

Data entry clerks enter information into computers using the keyboard. Often, these employees will transcribe voice recordings into text format. 

7. First Aid Provider 

First aid providers attend to medical emergencies in offices and manufacturing plants. They administer CPR, provide emergency treatment, and perform other nonsurgical procedures. 

As you can see, there isn’t one specific type of job that qualifies as an “entry-level” job. Rather, many different types offer similar responsibilities, which means it is possible to gain valuable work experience if you choose carefully. 

How To Get a Job in Human Resources Without Experience 

Looking for how to get into HR without prior knowledge? Here’s how:  

In this economy, most employers want to hire people right away. However, some employers still prefer hiring people without previous work experience to give job seekers more time to learn on the job. If you do not already have relevant work experience, here are some ways to get a job in human resources. 

Get your resume together

Answering the question of how to get into HR starts with a good resume. It is always good to create a strong resume before applying for a job search. The key components of your resume should include at least three separate paragraphs detailing your skills, experiences, education, qualifications, and references. 

In addition, highlight why you would be a great match for this particular employer. Include everything that demonstrates how you are qualified for this role. When writing this portion of your resume, try to think about what the employer wants to see in terms of experience. Do not use keywords unless you feel confident that those words describe exactly what the company is seeking. 

Network with friends 

Use social media sites to network with others who work for companies that interest you. Find friends or colleagues that work for the companies you are interested in working for. Ask them questions, such as “What does your day look like?” or “What kind of projects does your team work on?” Take advantage of any connections through networking. Many recruiters begin looking through LinkedIn first, but even Facebook profiles can lead to interesting opportunities and leads. 

Search local websites 

Local employment listings often contain links to open positions. You may also find postings on Craigslist or Monster. Search local newspapers for openings. You can also find ads posted in magazines or trade publications. These online and print sources present an effective way to keep up with current jobs, search for new ones, and submit your resume when you find something you think applies to you. 

Ask for advice 

When you interview for entry-level human resources jobs, ask about the company’s history, employee benefits package, and salary structure. Use this knowledge to determine whether you want to pursue this position. Don’t forget to consider your long-term goals. Are they realistic? Will this opportunity help you toward your career aspirations? Remember that your goal will be to land an entry-level human-resource-related job, so make sure your goals are attainable. 


There you have it how to get entry-level human resources jobs. You can get into HR by gaining relevant experience, networking, building a personal brand, volunteering, taking courses, interning, and even getting hired out of school. Choose wisely, and you could end up making more than just a few bucks while honing your skills!

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