How to get better at delegating

Most new bosses find it difficult to let others handle their work, especially those that require extreme skills. Sometimes, they are afraid to let their subordinates acquire the necessary skills to override them and most times, they are deeply dedicated to handling every task by themselves. It is normal, but you can’t remain like this and delegate effectively.

Learn to delegate from the smallest task at first, and gradually increase the volume with time to maintain the work quality that you desire. You should set a firm priority according to the various tasks, considering those you can afford to let go first. Learn to trust your coworkers and try to know them better as you gradually inch closer to releasing some of your tasks.

Style of Work Productivity

Pushing employees beyond their limits is a good resource management strategy. But here, you must assign tasks according to the employee’s line of skills. Also, consider assigning similar tasks to a particular group of employees to help them develop a good aptitude for the task. While it’s good to trust your team’s initiatives for every job, consider providing your preferences on how tasks should be completed. Someone handling your task should know its deadline and requirements.

The job you are willing to delegate may be completely new to every member of your team. Be open to teach them new skills for the task as you never know how much of it you would have in the nearest future. By teaching them, you’ll have an improved team that can handle more. Also, always verify that the ongoing projects or assignments are running accordingly. This offers you the opportunity to ask for improvement or redirect them early enough.

Be it that you’re an entrepreneur, a team leader or just overseeing a unit at work, the importance of delegation cannot be overemphasized. You can always learn how to delegate tasks to your team or improve over time, regardless of your knowledge before now. However, there are strategies which must be followed to practically delegate tasks effectively.

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