How to Get into Human Resources without a Degree

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew how to get a job in human resources without a degree? Here are a few expert tips to help you get into HR without a college degree. 

Getting into human resources without a degree can be very difficult, but it is not impossible, especially if you are a good communicator and fast learner. HR jobs are all over the web, and you can find an ideal position that can fulfill your dreams in the HR department. It is enough to be enthusiastic enough and ready to get HR training that will allow you to do HR duties. 

How to get into human resources without a degree?

There is not a certain way to get into human resources without a degree. There are many ways that you can take into consideration, and we describe some of them below.

get into human resources without a degree

Do network and research

You probably know someone who is in the HR business, and that means that you can expand your network by adding these people to your LinkedIn or Twitter account. You will notice that some people are more skillful than others, and this is your chance to get a good piece of information.

Ask the people who are in HR about their daily duties, responsibilities, and good working habits. Make a list of your priorities and examine how hard you need to learn to get into human resources without a degree. 

Sometimes, you will learn that good HR training is enough to get the skills that you need. 

Get a diploma or certificate 

You can search for effective programs that offer proper knowledge about HR jobs. As part of these programs, you will learn how to deal with both hard and soft skills in this area. It is known that some of the most useful soft skills are listening, patience, and verbal and written communication. There are also other people skills that include discretion, empathy, and conflict resolution. 

When it comes to hard skills, you will need to learn something about project management, human resources software, and office administration. There are also other skills, like employment processes and employment law. 

All of these skills can be learned as part of the proper training when you want to acquire a diploma or a certificate in the HR department. The program can last up to one year, and this kind of knowledge can give you a basic foundation for further advancement in your career. 

How to become a HR manager without a degree?

If you want to become a manager in human resources, you need to have the proper on-board training. Each company has some training for managers and it is possible to become a manager if you have gained enough experience as an HR assistant or recruiter. 

To become a manager, you must acquire all of the mentioned soft and hard skills, and you should be ready to learn even further. The HR department can organize the training that will be developed by the HR team, and this is an opportunity to excel your knowledge about the overall human resources subjects. 

Next time when you ask “Can you get into HR without a degree?”, the answer is very simple. You can definitely get into HR without a degree, but you will have to be able to learn and show the skills when needed. 

Getting into HR is very interesting and it is a journey that you should take if HR is your passion. You can find an entry-level opportunity within some company, and this is where you can show your skills. It is important to know that HR is only for enthusiastic people who like to work with other people inside and outside the companies. If you are one of them, then HR is an ideal profession for you.

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