How to get more candidates for interviews?

If you want to get more candidates for interviews, you should apply a few proven techniques that attract candidates to apply for your job offer. Some of the tactics are easier, some are more demanding but all of them will get you a significant advantage over the competition. 

Let’s see how to get more candidates for interviews and what techniques to apply in your next interview process

1. Be more productive and proactive

If you want to create a solid candidate base, you should be more productive in searching for the right candidates and checking their profiles. 

Some companies have strict policies for getting new candidates and you should always follow the rules of the company you work for. 

If for some reason, the company is offering jobs to certain groups of people that are harder to find in the marketplace, you should dive in deep and create a job offer that will stand out from the rest. 

Also, be effective in screening the candidates’ files and resumes that you get. If you find out that some groups of candidates are more common than others, note them and see how you can attract larger groups of people who will be ideal candidates for the role you are offering. 

how to get more candidates

Only when you build a brand out of the company name can you be sure that you will have more candidates who will want to work at the exact position.

2. Offer good terms

In the job offer, one of the crucial segments is the payment that is offered for a job. Do your homework and see how much money other companies are offering for the same position. If you offer slightly more, you will certainly be at an advantage. 

Of course, you should follow the company’s rules and financial measurements to decide on the payment, but make sure that you speak to the management about the higher wage you should offer to the potential candidate. In this manner, you will certainly attract more candidates for interviews. 

3. Do not discriminate 

You should always address that you are offering a job to people no matter their race, culture, place of origin, sexual or religious views. Everyone is included in the list and you should offer each candidate a safe space where they can feel comfortable. 

If you can, you should also offer remote work for the people who are not located in the town your office is in. 

In this manner, your audience is broad and you encourage people to send their resumes to your company if they want to work remotely. 

4. Build a great corporate culture 

If you build a brand behind your company, you are creating a sure way to encourage more people to apply for the job you are offering. If your company is known for great work-life balance, you should emphasize that in your job offer. 

If you offer some great benefits like many weeks of vacation during the year or paid maternity leave, or you simply offer snacks at work, you should mention the benefits in the description. 

All these benefits will create a great brand impression that will make candidates more excited about the job that you offer. 

Why you need an employer brand to get more candidates

Getting more candidates for interviews is a creative and complex job, but now when you know what tactics to apply, it should be a simpler task. 

Candidates will come to your job offer if they see something different and unique about your company. They will apply for an interview if they trust the company and its standards. 

Only when you build a brand out of the company name can you be sure that you will have more candidates who will want to work at the exact position. 

To build this brand, you may need to offer larger compensations or some great benefits that will differentiate you from the competition. In this manner, you ensure that you will have enough candidates every time you post a job offer. 

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