How to get promoted at work quickly?

Every day is an opportunity to get better. Keep reading for the must-know 5 career tips that’ll help you get promoted at work quickly!

Thinking about the next step in your career is easy, and assuming that you will climb the ladder higher in due course is a fallacy. Many deserving employees are overlooked because they do not make the proper noise or strategize to move ahead.

Employees have to remember that employee turnover is expensive. Onboarding anyone new costs money, time, and resources, so employers invest in retaining workers. Also, staying in one role in a company means it is more likely that an employee will leave.

In a skill-driven market where good talent is difficult to get, it is time to make your move and work toward snagging a promotion. Remember that it is not as simple as asking for one; it requires some planning.

how to get promoted at work quickly

Build your acumen, everyday!

Please read ahead if you are looking for a promotion at work and are hesitant about how to go about it.

Indicate that you need a promotion

The first step is to show your desire for a promotion. Make your boss aware that you are looking for avenues to grow. Sometimes, the people at the top need to be told that you are available. It does not need to be a linear move within your department; you can apply or indicate your willingness to move to some other department where an opportunity is opening up. Show a willingness to move, be interested and passionate and hungry to prosper.

Own your work

Show competence, diligence, and hard work. There should be an inherent willl to do the best job possible. If you take responsibility to see a task through from beginning to end then you will earn the trust of the management.

Be a problem solver rather than a problem creator. Ask questions that create a solution rather than hinder the progress of a task. Keep calm, be cool and patient in adverse situations.

Be aware of your strengths

Before seeking a promotion, build up a solid case of your positive qualities. Find ways to show the value addition you have brought to your job. Quantify these achievements. Also, build a case of how your promotion will bring greater opportunities for both you and the employer in terms of additional value. Maybe more efficiency, better team management?

Go in with a firm case for what you want and research your real value in the job market.

Personal Brand

It is all about perception and visibility. To think that your good work will be noticed is a case of overconfidence. People tend to dismiss diligence as “it is his or her job.”

The key is to position yourself as an authority on what you are doing and being an indispensable part of your team. See that you are in the loop for every new activity and event taking place in the organization.
It’s about being relevant, creating value for your company, and proactively communicating to others the same.

Another aspect of building up this visibility is keeping in touch with the leaders in your organization. Do not be pushy but be attentive at meetings, go prepared to ask relevant questions whenever an opportunity arises. Work to get noticed. Get noticed by the higher-ups in your field of work.

Be proactive and take part in assignments and projects that come up.

Keep the company first

Instead of putting forth your request for promotion as “it is time, I got it,” suggest how you can be of value to a new project or something similar.

Try to frame everything from the perspective of how you can best serve the company.

Say that you can add value in this particular direction and seek suggestions from your supervisor on how best to pursue that path so that you can grow in the job. It is a nice way to put forth your desire to grow within the company and show that you are seeking additional responsibilities.

Always focus on your desires and plans being aligned with company progress.

Teamwork and office politics

Do not take credit alone for any work done. When you present a finished project, you should talk in “we” instead of “I”.  It shows that you are ready to share the limelight and are not stepping on people to climb the ladder. Share knowledge and go the extra mile to see that the projects meet deadlines and you are ready to shoulder any laxity.

By setting an example, you can raise the performance of everybody around you. Such an attitude is lauded both by colleagues and management.

I hope this works! Let me know if there are any other surefire ways on how to get promoted at work quickly. 

Diana Coker
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