How to increase employee engagement and happiness during the pandemic

COVID-19 is an uncertain pandemic time! It is more stressful for managers and employers to handle their employees remotely or having employees in the office who are in constant fear of the pandemic situation. In such a case, it is essential for them to handle the employees carefully and keep them motivated and engaged in work.

Many effective mechanisms would help them to cope with the stress of the situation with the following practices: 

Increase Employee Engagement and Happiness

Don’t Overwork the Employees

Don’t burden your employees at a crucial stressful time. You never know what mental situation the employee is! It is vital to assign tasks and targets as per their capabilities and limits and not overburden the employees with work. Burnout is a harmful state for mental health, avoid that at all costs. Organize a proper schedule for the week and assign them to the employees accordingly.

Provide Necessary Safety Gear

As an organization, it is crucial to keep the office and the employees free from the pandemic situation- safe and healthy. As such, give them access to the required safety gear like sanitizers, tissues, hand wash, and PPE kits (if required). Also, coordinate regularly with suppliers so that your office doesn’t fall short of the safety essentials. A well-protected employee is always a happy worker.

Employee engagment and happiness

Promote Self-Care Habits

Keep your teammates healthy by promoting and encouraging them to adopt self-care habits. These may be team building activities or healthy conversations among colleagues regularly to promote better mental health. In the case of physical fitness, conduct interactive sessions with a healthcare professional in your office with the employees to make them aware of the pandemic situation and what to do to keep themselves healthy and hearty. Also, ensure everyone follows physical distancing rules strictly 

Prepare Healthy Meals

Organizations that provide meals at work should take extra caution at this crucial time. They should ensure full sanitization and protection to avoid any contamination of viruses and diseases. Promote healthy eating to keep the employees happy and energized, sanitize utensils regularly, ensure the cook staff have the proper gear, and add nutritious foods to the menu. 

Provide Counseling

Counseling is a must-have at this challenging time. Often people fall into depression and go into losses or hardships when they are coping with a situation of such severity as the pandemic. As such, organizations should offer counseling sessions to keep them high spirited and motivated for work. Assist and guide the employees to a better path and to boost productivity at work.

Help team to learn

Offer learning recourses and methods to encourage employees at work. It will also expand their knowledge about the field of work and techniques of their craft. This will also assist them in managing their time effectively and productively. Many interactive online learning sessions are offered to help employees achieve a better work-life balance. 

Emphasize company culture

Spread the message about the company culture, mission, and vision regularly to the employees to keep them motivated. Always guide the employees to follow company culture strictly. If the organization lies on transparency and trust values, ensure that the employees follow them, and the message is communicated during interactions with employees.

Communicate often

Regularly communicate with the employees. The communication may be a chit chat about life after work, their ongoing targets, or work progress! Always interact with them and motivate them to remain happy and be productive in life—conduct interactive team sessions where each employee actively participates and communicates in the sessions. 

Always think out of the box to keep the employees motivated and inspired. The fight with COVID-19 is tough, and the pandemic situation is stressful! Help each other to cope with the situation and pass-through this with productivity and efficiency. 

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