How to increase Employee motivation

Employee motivation in the workplace plays a major role in productivity. If you observe keenly, you’ll find many unmotivated employees out there. A recent study shows that only one in every four employees is highly motivated and productive. So, there is enough scope for improvement.

Here are some easy ways to increase employee motivation at your workplace:

Provide purpose

Your employees have a major contribution in company’s mission and vision. But do they know it? From the very first day of employment, every individual should have a clear idea of company’s vision and how their role will contribute to it. This vision will motivate employees to deliver their best to contribute to company’s growth. Let the employees have the exact details of how their work impacts the organization as a whole.

employee motivation

Show that you care about their career

Take a genuine interest in employee’s future path in the career. Employees highly value if their manager thinks about their career growth and provides his suggestions to improve it. You can also provide some mentoring and training or suggest some extra certification course that might be relevant to them. Such initiatives will not only motivate employees, but is really valued.

Maintain a positive workplace culture

Maintain a positive environment at your workplace so that employees feel important and worthwhile. Don’t pick favourites among employees; it will create a negative impact on others. Let your employees know that they can always approach you with problems or questions. Make work fun, by arranging various competitions and reward the winning team. This will establish healthy competition among teams. After all, happier employees are more productive.

Appreciate efforts

You can increase employee morale just by appreciating their efforts and acknowledging their accomplishments, may it be large or small. You should not take your employees contribution for granted and generously praise them. This will motivate employees to keep up the good work and improve it over time.

Provide incentives

Appreciation is really valued by the employees, but incentives add more value to it. Offer incentives for performing various tasks or for winning some specific competition. Incentives can be really small like a gift card or can be a bonus or salary increment. Incentives will motivate employees to deliver more and better. You can also give awards such as “Employee of the Month” to best performing employee.

This list of suggestions is by no means all-inclusive. When it comes to employee motivation, you can always imagine new ways and methods that may suit your workplace culture.

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