How To Kick off An Eventful Recruitment Drive

Planning and plotting a recruitment event is tricky. If you don’t get the event right, you might end up with an empty fair with no potential candidates vouching up for the recruitment drive. If you do not acquire good companies and organizations, you might get bad reviews of the event and no more followers at the next season. So it is tricky, you see!

To make sure the above failure situations do not happen at your recruitment drive, and you end organizing a booming event, all you need is to follow the steps given below:

Plan early:

Once you decide to hold a recruitment event by HR Professionals, plan it immediately. Dates, budget, venue, organizers, companies, processes- everything! Set a timeline, make a chart, and plan everything. Please do not wait till the end moment, it always fails, and there will always be something left out. Connect with employers and stakeholders for the drive. Let everyone know about the event and reach out to the companies and candidates. Connect with colleges, institutions, and organizations where you aim for potential candidates. Make it happen. Send out calendar invites to the people and also to your employees and let them spread the word at their networks.

Recruitment Drive By HR

Organize Logistics:

Logistics is what will carry your event to the forefront and make it a successful one. Once you set the timelines, prepare a list of the logistics, what is required, and how will you procure it. Plan the following into the logistics section:

  • Theme and venue of the event: The location, the subject (if the event will be a recruitment drive for only engineers or doctors or candidates from various fields), refreshment requirements, etc. are crucial to note down to make the event successful.
  • Date and time: Planning the date and time of the event is crucial. Both these should be set in such a part of the day that candidates would be convenient enough to visit the exhibition. Look for the time which would be the best for the audience and create a proper length period of the event, make sure it should not be too long or too short.
  • Directions: Ensure that all connections, organizations, and candidates know the venue address properly. Give detailed instructions about the venue in the invites, informing about the parking facilities, availability of public transportation, and additional details.
  • Giveaways: If you want to send giveaways for the audience, plan what you would include, and arrange that accordingly. Please make a new extra number of the giveaways so that you don’t run out of them when you meet the audience.
  • Cost: The total cost of the venue, the refreshments, giveaways, banners, transportation, prizes, and nametags- all need to be listed in detail and planned out beforehand.
  • Signage: This is the look and feel of the event. Make sure you conduct proper branding of the event across the city/town and that too in prominent places. Fix the appropriate graphic and designing team and make sure they get the designs and logos beforehand.
  • Event staff: Volunteers, employees, company representatives- everyone should be decided well earlier. This is essential not to let the audience feel left out or confused about who to connect with. Assign nametags and proper identities to each mentioning their designated position and role in the recruitment event. Schedule enough representatives to communicate with the potential candidates that arrive at the event and the booths.
  • Social Plan: Create a social awareness forum for your recruitment event to make it accessible and earn more potential candidates in the present/next season. Create Facebook live videos of the drive, and Twitter live feeds and hashtag that is apt and trend for the brand. Assign a social media team just for this task. This will also ensure your event is promoted, and people are getting to know more about it.

After-effect activity:

Follow up with the audience and the organizations after the event. Make a check-list of the audience and conduct sessions and get their feedback on occasion. This way, you will also get to know what you need to improve the event.

Last but not least, enjoy the event. The recruitment event is a great way to mingle with people and know the career market and the specifics which get the candidates and employers going. It is a day of employers connecting with their candidates and getting the right person for the job!

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