How To Land That Big Promotion At Work

Doing a great job may be a major prerequisite to get a promotion at work, but how about your attitude? Well, most people believe that all it takes to gain promotion at work is being a team player, not missing work, getting noticed or continuing your education. These are all excellent ideas, but promotion at work is driven by a lot of commitments and attitudes. At first, you don’t need to think it’s impossible. Following pro tips on how to get promotion gives you an edge and viable potential to land a promotion at work.

The following tips cover the hard work that needs to be done to get a promotion at work.

Be clear about your goal

Most times we tend to believe that sitting down and waiting without efforts would land us the promotion at work. That’s a big fallacy! No boss would promote employees without a positive influence. Getting the promotion is a lot easier if you have identified the position you want. That helps you to understand the training programs or line of development required to possess the position. Don’t just want any position, choose where you want to be.

Be clear about your goal

Most times we tend to believe that sitting down and waiting without efforts would land us the promotion at work.

Get your boss on your side

If you can allow your boss to be a mentor, then your promotion is not far. Make out time to discuss with your boss on how you can be more effective at work and future contributions you would make if you develop more than your current stage. Ask for honest feedback and be ready to adjust where you have errors. Seek corrections and make sure your boss has taken note that you’re doing it right.

Keep your boss informed

Surprises are not accepted at work. If you can do it all by yourself, then why is he your boss? Don’t plan job functions without informing your boss. What if things didn’t go as planned? Always inform your boss of job stages, s/he should know about the efficiency and job stages if you have people working for you.

Be committed to your personal development

It’s difficult to get a promotion at work without improving beyond your current stage. In fact, promotion is because you can take up more tasks. And if you can’t prove you have developed then don’t expect to be promoted. Invest a lot of time to develop personally, if possible take on courses outside the company’s training program to improve.

Apply for jobs within the company

Sometimes, your value at work is not noticed until you present your CV again. Don’t wait and assume you would be considered automatically for open job positions within or outside your department if you can handle them. Always apply when they are open, they give you a chance for reevaluation and proper placement – promotion. While applying for the job opening, ensure to follow the application procedure stated; supply all the information they need and don’t assume they already know you.

Be indispensable

This is another invaluable tip on how to get a promotion at work. Don’t be recognized as someone who doesn’t contribute much to your organization or someone that’s not successful. You must be effective in your department and be important for every function. This may also be achieved by initiating a new program which helps your organization to save operational cost.

With these tips, there’s no doubt your promotion is around the corner. Good luck!

Anna Verasai
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