How to Land Well-Paying New Collar Jobs

Many are still confused about where the new collar jobs come from, what they are and how one can land them because they are more familiar with the old system of grouping workers. Before now, the US workforce had two basic divisions: the blue collar workers and white collar workers. Almost every worker in the U.S belonged to either of the two groups and their names came from the attire worn by each of the groups.

Blue collar workers are known for the manual labor jobs they perform that do not require a college degree. They were easily identified by their simple blue-colored uniforms. On the contrary, white collar workers wore white button-up shirts as uniforms and do work in more professional office settings. For them, a bachelor’s degree was the least requirement needed to belong, and they also earn much higher-salaried than the former.

But recently, a new class of workers has relegated this division of workers to the background. Companies in the technology space, businesses and organizations are now on the look-out for individuals that possess certain skills to fill their niche positions, not necessarily candidates with a college degree.

There are clear reasons why new collar workers are needed. The tech industry is growing rapidly, and all the job openings cannot be filled with only degree holders. Some of the job descriptions in the tech companies can be handled effectively by non-degree-holding workers. Hence, these companies simply need to hire them.

For definition sake, a new collar job is a job opening that requires vocational training and skills rather than a college degree. This means that workers in this group are required to carry out highly technical and specialized tasks. Some positions under the new collar jobs include automotive technicians, cloud computing technicians, dental assistants, medical assistants, and pharmacy technicians.

Who can land the new collar jobs and how?

A number of persons will desire to build a career in the new collar field for various reasons. However, the ideal persons for these jobs are workers without bachelor’s degrees. Also, individuals who desire to work outside of a buttoned-up office setting are suitable for new collar jobs. This new group of workers is also available for blue collar workers that have acquired exceptional skills by doing manual labors for years.

To build a career around the new collar jobs, you will first need to choose a preferred job title. Considering that these jobs are highly specialized, you will need to possess a specific skill that won’t transfer over to other job positions.

Another important step to take is to discover the appropriate training you need to be considered for the role you desire. Acquiring the needed training may require you to enroll for a certification program or even take vocational training classes. Meanwhile, most companies design their own educational paths to help prepare their workers for internal job positions. Also, lots of companies today want to hire new collar workers, with most of them willing to give out the needed training for free. In other words, it’s actually simpler than anyone can think to gain the new collar skills in order to land your desired job.

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