How to Make Virtual Meetings More Productive Than In-Person

Learn how to hold engaging, productive virtual meetings while you work remotely. Save time, money and energy using these tips for running effective virtual meetings.

There are many ways to organize virtual meetings but only a few of them are really effective. You want your virtual meetings to be more productive than in-person meetings, and this is something that can be achieved with good preparation. 

Let’s see what makes a good virtual meeting. 

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Tip: At the end of each meeting, you should clearly specify what is done and what should be done in the next week.

Good Communication Tools 

No matter where you are, you should have a decent internet connection and video tools that will be good enough to attend the meeting. A camera and a mic will be important and you should focus on these basic tools when you attend the virtual meeting. 

There are many services that you can use for making a video call. From Skype and Zoom, all the way to Slack and Google Conference, you can choose from a variety of tools. Choose the one that is most convenient to you and your colleagues. 

Preparation of the Materials 

Good preparation is half of the job that has to be done. When you prepare the speech before the conversation, it will be much easier for you to use the time in the best manner. 

If you are a manager, you can focus on the key aspects of the work that has to be done in the following week. At the same time, you can point out the weak and strong points of the performance of each worker in the past. 

When you prepare what you will talk about, you will be able to present your thoughts in a clear and understandable manner. 

Acknowledging Each Team Member 

No matter how many team members are at the virtual meeting, you should mention each of them at the beginning of the meeting. This way, you give them credit for the job they do, and this makes them more valuable in the eyes of the other employees. 

Suggest to each team member that they should actively participate in the meeting, and encourage those that usually speak less to say their thoughts about the subjects. 

There are always some of the more introverted individuals who do not share their opinions often. You should tell them that their ideas will be taken into account and there is nothing better than giving a clear thought about some important idea. 

Keep the Meeting Short 

No one wants to attend the endless and pointless meetings where so many words are said and nothing is done. If you want your meeting to be effective, you should keep it short and reasonably structured. 

Do not share your thoughts about hundreds of different subjects and try to stay on the same page with colleagues. 

It is best if the meeting lasts for 15-45 minutes and if the subjects are clearly presented. You can always take an extra minute with the exact group of workers if you need to solve a specific problem. 

This meeting would be done separately and it should not affect the rest of the group. 

Underline the Main Goals 

At the end of each meeting, you should clearly specify what is done and what should be done in the next week. This way, you create the objectives and goals that need to be fulfilled until the next meeting. 

Always mention the main aspirations of the company in the present moment and keep repeating the main goals to the workers. If you apply these kinds of approaches, you will create a more meaningful connection between the workers and managers. 

You will also be clearly headed to the success of the company

Making virtual meetings is a real challenge. Now when you know the steps, it should be easier to create a virtual meeting that is even more productive than an in-person meeting.

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