How to make Women’s Day in Office a Memorable Event?

International Women’s Day is around the corner! March 8th, the day is empowering women and celebrating them and their efforts to make the world a better place to live in and a day that marks a critical moment for the movement for women’s rights. On such a day, mane offices and organizations look for innovative and interesting women’s day programs to celebrate their women employees and make them feel special. Though they have already made it better by employing huge womenfolk in the workforce and diminish the gender gap in society, they also look forward to making the International Women’s Day a productive, positive as well as a memorable day.

International Women’s Day theme for 2020

The International Women’s Day theme for 2020 is #EachForEqual which highlights on how each individual can join in on the march towards equality. Here, we bring to you specific ideas which will make the event a memorable and beautiful event for everyone:

Organize TED Talks for Motivating Women

Women, at present hold significant leadership positions across the globe. There have been many instances where womenfolk have raised their voices and stood up to the challenges of society. Just listening to these instances can be ever inspiring and motivating for other women and would spread positive energy across the organization. In such a case, the organization can organize Ted like talks bringing in inspiring women to narrate their real-life stories.

Initiating under CSR for Women’s Empowerment

For boosting an organization’s commitment to its women employees, it can start a programme under the CSR wing for women’s empowerment. It can be any program that benefits the womenfolk and give them additional schemes or benefits through CSR. It can be a skill-building or capital investment initiative to provide to the womenfolk who have entrepreneurial abilities and want to launch a local business. These initiatives would empower not only women but also benefit their families. If the organization already has such schemes, they can be evaluated and highlighted in terms of the program’s outreach and impact.

Comedy Evening focused on Women’s Themes

Comedy live shows are a rage nowadays! And everyone loves humour, be it women or a man. The organization can organize a comedy show evening with comedy hosts bringing in laughter for the employees. The comedy show can be focussed on women’s themes, like the issues they face every day as a homemaker, worker or any role they play. A well-portrayed comedy evening on women’s theme in a hilarious take is sure to tickle the funny bones of many.

Fitness and Health Programs at Workplace

Nutrition, fitness and health are vital for all, even for a woman. An organization can organize nutrition, health or a fitness session for its women employees to celebrate the International Women’s Day differently. They can also pitch in a nutrition expert or a caregiver to give a talk and consultation session about healthy and stress-free living. Often, women fail to prioritize their health while taking care of others and looking after their family. As such, it takes a toll on their mental and physical health. A session like this will make them feel good and focus on their health.

Gender Diversity Program by the Organization

Organizations nowadays believe in gender diversity and have vast quantities of excellent and prolific women working in their office. An innovative way of celebrating the International Women’s Day would be to highlight this gender diversity. The organization can hold a motivational talk by the women employees who have influentially contributed to the development of the office. They can also highlight presentations and achievements of the organization to bridge the gender gap in office. This program can also be an opportunity for the organization to highlight the initiatives it has taken to increase the involvement of its women employees in the workforce.

Men advocating Change

The programs meant to celebrate International Women’s Day need not be only about women supporting change and men being mute spectators! They can also take an active part in these programs! The organization can hold an interactive session where the male employees stand up and share one inspirational story about women who might have changed their lives or any inspirational story about women they have witnessed in their life.

Fun Activities

International Women’s Day need not be only about talks and sessions, and they can be about having fun too! A sport like a cricket match or football can be held for both the women and men. It doesn’t matter which side won the game, the motive is to have fun to the fullest! One can also include different variations to the game format to make it more fun and enjoyable.

There are various ways of celebrating International Women’s Day. However, the prime objective is to focus on gender equality and cherish the progress and influence women made across the globe.

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