How To Make Yourself More Valuable To Your Team

Our present economy comes with its unique set of challenges, with layoffs and salary cuts being some of the most rampant. Even after many hours of work and denial of personal days or well-deserved vacations, there are chances you won’t get the promotion at work or team value. Valuable teammates are known to be consistent, supportive, reliable, problem solvers, and among other corporate-demanding qualities. Putting in all hours and being the most cheerful worker would not get you the needed value. The following are effective attributes to make yourself more valuable to your team.

1. Know your organization and team

Without knowing about your organization and team, it’s difficult to know how to contribute. You should know deeply about your team; understand its goals, track records and priorities. Familiarize yourself with the processes, structure, and general mode of operation in order to align yourself with your team’s vision. Knowing and being convinced about your organization will mark your effectiveness in becoming a valuable teammate because you cannot work towards a vision you know nothing about.

2 Understand the chain of command and communicate constructively

You would be clashing with other teammates if you fail to recognize your place and limits at work. Every team player has a section(s) in a project where his/her contribution is most needed. Focus more on your responsibilities and flow with the command chain. Seek approvals where necessary before carrying out your personal ideas. Do not try to surprise your team leader! That’s too dangerous. Your value increases if you are able to communicate with your teammates individually. Always communicate in time using the most robust medium; personal contacts are welcomed if that’s the most efficient medium unless discouraged by your corporate policy.

How to unlock team's potential

A unique approach is necessary to unlock the team’s true potential.

3 Create relationships

Make sure to court your teammates by actually showing interest in them. Being caring and helpful with other events outside work will enable you to grow relationships with your teammates. This will improve your working environment, help to effectively communicate ideas, blend with the team and in making loyal allies. But don’t join gossiping gangs or engage in irrelevant topics at work.

4 Continue learning

If you are still working at the same level you were a year ago, then there must be something wrong. The truth is if you are not growing, then you dying. Improving your knowledge and skill set is not a luxury but a necessity. Go for development seminars, attend both official and unofficial professional workshops, read good books and by all possible means be the best at what you do whilst finding ways to apply a new knowledge for better productivity.

5 Be a salesperson

Every organization relies on sales and so do you! You need to sell yourself when necessary. Your ideas, your strengths, and be awesome when your teammates need you as the effective colleague that has their back. Do not keep your ideas to yourself. Your superiors have to see a loyal, smart and valuable employee. Your qualities should be known, not by bragging and definitely not by continuously stealing the spotlight.

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