How To Motivate A Multigenerational Workforce

For the first time ever, five generations of workforce coexist in the workplace. Due to each generation having different expectations of their work, culture, and knowledge-sharing, it can become a challenge for human resources departments to motivate them. While this multigenerational workforce shares similar motivations and challenges, there is a wide disconnect in what success looks like and how to get there. Companies must strive to close this gap.

Tips for Motivating A Multigenerational Workforce.

Baby Boomer

To effectively manage and motivate the baby boomer generation, consider their suggestions and experience. This generation has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge, not to mention company knowledge if they are a veteran employee. You can motivate the baby boomer generation to impart this valuable expertise to younger, high-potential managers through corporate leadership programs. A lot of companies encourage senior leaders who are planning to retire to offer consulting to help train their successors.

Gen X-ers

Gen X-ers now form a large proportion of executive level management. Interestingly, they are described as the most independent and resourceful generation that is confident in their ability to handle challenges alone. This generation wants to show its critical-thinking skills but doesn’t get enough opportunities. Gen X-ers are motivated by autonomy, continuous feedback, and potential for growth. Also, a workplace with a high-impact learning culture.


The millennial generation works best for companies that receive and implement their ideas, provide feedback and recognition, and give significant access to learning opportunities. You might be surprised at how easy it is to manage and motivate this generation that thrives on a sense of purpose and wants to contribute to the organization’s success.

Gen Z-ers

Next to Millennials, this generation wants to work for a purpose-driven organization that recognizes its skills and talents. As a manager, you must shine light on those in your organization who go above and beyond. Employee recognition is the single biggest driver of engagement and productivity in the workplace.

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