How to Move Forward in Your Job While Working From Home

Working from home does not mean that you settle for a comfortable routine and forget about pushing forward and looking for avenues to progress.

Not working in-person and away from everyday interactions might feel like you are stuck in a groove, but there are ways that you can work towards improving your present status and job growth.

First and foremost, if you are stuck working from home and trying to be productive ensure that you have a dedicated workspace and clear demarcation of work time and leisure time.

Move Forward in Job While Working From Home

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Communicate your tasks

While on meetings and interactions, bring to your seniors attention the projects you are working on, how far you are on it. Share your accomplishments like finishing ahead of time or finding some solution or innovations or additional leads that you are working on presently.

Ask for feedback

When you ask you superior for a reaction or a comeback on what all you have done to date. It brings your world and you to their notice.

An ask for a feedback denoted engagement and commitment to what you are doing while practicing work from home.


In Covid times it is difficult to meet up or have an evening drinks out, but keep touching base with colleagues and your peers in other firms.

Commend the work of your team mates whenever possible. This can be a massive boost to your team morale and culture and can also act as a catalyst for your job growth. Staples the office supplies retail company has shared its experiences on working from home. “On our platform, bob, we’ve built-in features called Kudos and Shoutouts to provide a forum for co-workers to celebrate one another.

We’ve seen that these are huge drivers of engagement and connection amongst colleagues, and celebrating your team members in different ways shows that you are a strong and supportive manager or collaborator.”

Jonny Burch, the founder of Progression, said in a news interaction, “While 1:1s and check-ins should still be happening, the water-cooler chats and body language signals that might usually help you stay close to your manager will be missing. It’s essential that managers double down on regular scheduled catch-ups with their teams to find out how they’re doing,” Jonny Burch, the founder of Progression, a service that helps makers grow at work, tells Growth Quarters.


Working from home gives you flexibility to utilise your time effectively. There is no commuting, hence that frees up a lot of time. A recent survey showed that, on average, remote employees said they had an extra 17 days’ worth of free time as a result. 

A good use of all those free hours is to to enrol yourself in a professional course or start independently honing and refreshing your knowledge and skillset.

Manage your time

Once you are away from a professional environment and following work from home routine, it is very easy to slide in your work habits. People tend to lounge around, waste time or generally procrastinate. Strong time management abilities allow you to minimize distractions, improve your work-life balance and meet project deadlines.

Carpe Diem 

Seize the new opportunity. Every company is cutting down on resources and getting more from less. This is the opportunity for you to make a favourable impression and make way for job growth. Look for opportunities to grow professionally and adding value to your work.

Make it clear that you are ready to walk that extra mile for your company and the task at hand.

Working from home should not impede your progress in a company. By adopting a more pro-active mindset, you will be able to seize more opportunities to add value and shine.

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