How to Organize Your Office Desk for Maximum Efficiency

If you feel overwhelmed at your job, the possible reason might be your disorganized desk. In most cases, if your desk is a complete mess, you will feel less motivated and less focused on your daily activities. In this article, we explain how to organize an office desk and what actions to take to have your desk tidy and clean. 

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Let go of the things 

This is easier to say than to do. We know it. However, you should learn how to let go of unnecessary things. Take a longer break and organize the office desk properly. Select what things can go to garbage immediately and what things are there to keep them. 

Be very selective and do not let emotions overwhelm you. Keeping things that should be there “just in case” is not a solution. If you want to have a highly organized desk, get rid of all the unnecessary things that make a mess at your office desk. 

how to organize desk

An organized desk space can decide your mood for the day.

Clean up the area 

Once you have free space at the office desk, you can clean the area in a detailed manner. Use a cloth and a detergent and wipe the area in gentle motions. It is perfect if you leave 5 minutes of your time and spend it cleaning the desk after the working shift. In this manner, you will be more motivated the next morning when you come to the clean space. 

Organize stickers and memo pads

You may use stickers and memo pads at your work, and these little helpers can make miracles for remembering important things. However, when there are a lot of them, your working space might be overwhelmed with these stickers and papers. 

Try to remove the stickers from your computer monitors and make sure that you write down important things in only one notebook. One great option is to digitalize the notes and keep them in your phone or computer file. 

Arrange your computer desktop 

Your computer desktop could be a source of many troubles at work. There are usually a large number of files and folders that are unsorted and those details distract the attention. 

You should keep the desktop of your computer as minimalistic as possible. Try to keep only those folders that are relevant to the daily operations at your job and remove all other things to the folders that are not crucially important. In this manner, you will create a more organized desktop that will serve the purpose of daily operations that are the most relevant. 

Personalize your office desk 

One of the key solutions that lead to organized desk space is personalization. If you want to add a special touch to your workplace, bring some detail that can make you more focused and motivated at work. 

A coffee mug with your favorite movie character, a plant that you like the most, or a scented candle that reminds you of your favorite perfume could be a solution that you are looking for. 

Everyone likes a small detail that leaves a good impression, and that is why you should encourage your colleagues to do the same thing. Personalization of the office desk can be a sure sign of better organization at work. 


Now you know how to keep your desk organized and tidy all the time. Try to implement the mentioned steps next time when you want to organize an office desk. You may be surprised by the results. Your office desk can be a source of great motivation and you should do anything to feel more motivated at your workplace. 

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