How to Plan the Best Office Retirement Party?

Retirement is a significant phase of a person’s life when the career gets over and transits from a regular office to a period of complete rest and idle time. It is a new start in life, and as such, an office must throw a beautiful and memorable office retirement party for the employee. However, planning and arranging an office retirement party needs a lot of effort.

Retirement parties are an excellent chance to show appreciation and gratitude to an employee by an organization. Employees give the majority of the time and hard efforts for an organization, in its development and proper functioning. As such, the retirement party for a coworker should be more than a cake and ‘best wishes’ card. The retirement party should be memorable for the retiring employee and reflect on the working years of the employee in the organization. The organization should take note of the following things while organizing an office retirement party:

Office Retirement Party Decoration

The organization should include beautiful decorations for the retirement party. Decorations would make the retiring employee feel excellent and unique. The guests can be welcomes by attractive decorations like colorful streamers and balloons in the office premises. There should also be speeches by the organizers for the guests and make them feel at home. The organization should make sure to include a small video clip or an attractive slideshow highlighting the accomplishment of the retiring employee and make him feel special. One can also add a theme to the party. A theme-based office retirement party is a great party rage nowadays!

Invite the Family Members

As retirement is a special and a new phase of the employee, the organization should make sure the family members are invited. The person will feel touched and happy having their family members in the office retirement party. Invite the spouse/children and close ones and try to arrange a speech by any of them. This will give a personal touch to the entire event.

A Trip down Memory Lane

Make a video or slideshow highlighting the career path of the retiring employee, from the first teenage job to the present. It would be a pleasant surprise for the person and the family members too. One can also include an attractive photo collage with the retiring person’s pictures from birth to the present. The video can highlight the years the person have given to the organization.

Bucket List

Including the co-workers give a bucket list of activities for the retiring person is an innovative way of surprising the person. As the person will have ample time after retiring, the co-workers can list out events for him/her to indulge in and present to the person. A bucket list with note cards for co-workers to make activity suggestions is an excellent way to making everyone in office participate in the event. Also, it will give the person a good laugh on seeing the notes.

Office Retirement Party Gifts

An office retirement party should always have a cake, and it is a must. Additionally, the organization can also include gifts for the person to make the moment special. Gifts, mementos and souvenirs for the person can be given or things that are of interest for the retiring employee can also be included as a gift.

Retirement parties should be a memorable moment for the retiring person. It shouldn’t be too emotional, instead an engaging day with activities, special moments for the employee and lots of gifts.  Almost like any other party, a successful office retirement party too needs proper planning and detailing, to the finish. Be it a big or a small office retirement party, the main focus should be the retiring employee, and it should express gratitude and appreciation for the years and years of hard work and effort the person has given to the organization.

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