How to Prepare for a Remote Job Interview


Having an interview over phone or video as a remote interview is common nowadays! Instead of candidates scrambling for reaching the venues, organizations now look for online interviews through various effective platforms. However, a candidate must be fully prepared for the video interview not to make an embarrassment of them on the live video. Some of the tips to follow for a fruitful remote job interview are:

Proper Set-up 

It is essential for a proper set-up before opting for the interview. Choosing an ideal place with no clutter nearby is best for the interview. A desk with cluttered and personal items makes one look unprofessional. Always check the background before going live, the interviewer will see you and the background; so make sure it is neat. Keep it businesslike, and preferably neutral.  Also, avoid any harsh lighting that may cause a silhouette behind. Opt for natural lighting.


An interviewee should be as enthusiastic about a remote interview just as they would be for a regular interview. That would impress the recruiter! Appearing bored and restless would create a wrong impression in the eyes of the recruiter. Employers look for people who are happy to work for them and will give their best at the job.

Dress Properly

Even if it a remote interview and you are at home, dress up appropriately for the interview. Never underdress or overdress! Don’t wear clothing with logos and icons that would be distracting, choose clothing that would fit in with the organization and look prepared and polished for the interview. Also, remember to have a decent haircut and look professional with a well-scrubbed look.

Do Research

Be it a remote or an office interview, and it is always essential to do the research and learn about the company. Always do a check on the company background and important news related to the organization.

Noise Level Down

Make sure to keep noise levels down if you’re interviewed when you’re at home. Turn off the television and stereo that might distract the interview. Also, switch off the cell phone or house phone ringer.

Test run

Always go for a test run before the actual interview. Check the microphone and video settings before sitting for the remote online interview.

Draft Notes

Prepare notes, CV and additional information before sitting for the interview. Keep these notes brief rather than fully scripted, so that you can check and will be handy when required. Also, maintain eye contact with the interviewer in a video interview.

Preparing for an interview, whether in person or remotely, is a crucial step to making the job successful. Always be calm during an interview. There may be a time when technology may not be in your favor, don’t worry. It will resolve out. Keep alternate contact details on hand in case of a technical fault.

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