How to reject a job offer

It is easy to reject a job offer when you have a proper reason. However, writing a rejection letter is never easy, which is why we all need some guidance in the process of writing a job rejection letter. Here are the tips and tricks to rejecting a job offer in a polite and meaningful manner. 

Be straightforward 

Do not beat around the bush when you write a job rejection letter. Be very straightforward and tell in the first or second sentence that you are rejecting the job offer. It will be easier for the reader to understand that you are rejecting the offer and you will leave a better impression if you are clear and straightforward in your message. 

Sometimes, we create a very close bond with the recruiter from a company that offered us a job, and it is not always easy to write a rejection message. However, we must be honest with them and tell them that we do not accept the offer. 

If you are in a similar situation, try to be as clear as possible. Do not explain further why you are refusing the offer. Just be honest and write a clear message to the recruiter. 

Reject a job offer politely

Do not beat around the bush when you write a job rejection letter.

Do not write about the reasons 

Many people make the mistake and write about the endless reasons for rejecting a job offer. There might be many reasons but you should not talk about them in your message. 

Maybe you do not like the compensation, or your job is far from your home, or you have some other private reason why you decline the offer. Whichever the reason, you should not write about it in the rejection of the job offer. 

The only thing to mention is that you reject the offer because you do not feel it is the right fit for you at the moment. You can also mention that you have accepted another job and this might be the reason for the rejection of the exact offer. 

Stay in touch with a recruiter

It is very important to stay in touch with a recruiter of a company that offered you a job. You never know what may happen in the future and you can be sure that knowing a recruiter at some company can change your career for the better. You can always ask for a job at the exact company in the future, or you can simply create another professional connection with the people in the same industry. 

Write a few words in your message about the intention to stay in touch with the person who offered you a job. This will create a stronger bond and it may be a good professional connection in the future. 

A job rejection message sample template

Here we present you an example of the job rejection message that you can use when you write a message. 

Subject line: Job offer – Your name 

Dear Mr./Ms. (Last name of a recruiter),

Thank you for offering me the position of (the exact position role) within (the company name). Though it was a difficult decision, I must refuse the offer because I do not feel it is the right fit for me at the moment. 

I enjoyed our conversations and I appreciate the time and effort that you put in the recent few weeks. I would like to stay in touch with you on social media. 

I wish you best wishes in your continued success.


(Your name)

As we mentioned above, a job rejection message must contain all of the mentioned elements. It must be clear, exact, and straightforward. It must contain a reason that does not go into details, and everything should be packed in a formal, yet personal way. With all these elements, your message will resonate with the reader and you will be considered a real professional. 

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