How to Select a Resume File Name

In the world of modern business, choosing the right resume name can make a significant difference between the candidates. Most employers do not have time to look at the resumes that are written in a bad manner, which is why the proper formatting, name selection, and organization of the file name comes as an important matter. 

Here you will find out how to select a proper resume file name that will stand out from the rest. You will also find out about some little secrets to increase your chances of getting an interview with a potential employer. 

What to Include in the Resume Name 

One of the most significant details to include in the resume name is your name and surname. People who will read the resume will need to open the right file and they want to see your name in the file. This way, you make a difference between yourself and other candidates. 

Always include your full name and surname in your resume file to make things easy to comprehend and easy to read. 

Also, you will need to include the word resume in your file. This is specifically important because all other documents can be used to present your name to the employer. 

how to name resume file

Mention your name and surname on the resume file to get noticed in one shot.

If you only put your name and surname without the word resume, you cannot distinguish this document from a cover letter, letter of recommendation, or any other document that is relevant for the job. 

For this reason, always put the word resume in your resume file name. 

Another detail might be the file format that you use for your resume. It is recommended to use Word or PDF as a format for your resume because these two formats are the usual choice of the companies that select candidates. 

Of course, you should always follow the instructions of the company, and if any other format is requested, you should use that exact format to make a resume file. 

The most appealing resume file name will look like this:

Tom_Brady_Resume.docx or TomBrady_Resume.pdf

If you do not want to use the underscore symbol, you can also use hyphens, and the file would be like this:

Tom-Brady-Resume.docx or TomBrady-Resume.pdf

This kind of formatting will catch the attention of the reader and it will be clear that the document is a resume, not a cover letter or any other document. 

How to Stand Out from the Crowd 

One of the most significant ways to stand out from the rest of the potential candidates is to keep the file name simple and concise. Try to use only your name and surname and the word resume. 

It is good if there are less than 24 characters, and this will mean that your resume is clear and simple. 

At the same time, always look for the recommendations of the employer if there are some specific rules for writing a resume file name. Some companies will promote a specific type of file name, and you should follow this rule. 

If there are more than 24 characters in your file name, you should prefer to use only your surname and the rest of the characters. This way, you keep your file name in a short and concise manner. 

Be aware that most HR managers and people who read resumes pay attention to each detail, and they automatically refuse to read the files that are not properly formatted or written, 

For all these reasons, it is important to write a good resume file name as this can increase your chances of getting an interview within the company. Pay attention to each detail, and see how your resume gets the attention of your new potential employer. 

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