How To Tell Your Boss You’re Feeling Overworked

More than one-third of Americans feel overworked, overscheduled or overstressed, by their jobs, according to the results of a survey from the Families and Work Institute, a non-profit organization that looks at the changing nature of work and family life. Feeling overworked is a real threat to both public health and a company’s bottom line. Recent layoffs have pushed tremendous amounts of work on remaining employees, causing them to feeling overworked and underpaid. When survivors of mass redundancies fear losing their livelihood, they try to prove their worth by working longer hours, and they spend less time off of work.

Feeling overworked? Here are some ways to deal with it

Are you the one bogged with a massive workload and never-ending deadlines to compete too? If this thing is right, then you are the one giving in more than the required time to your office, and no one in the office has observed that yet! It’s time to tell your boss/manager! If you are worried about letting the boss know your plight at the workplace, then the following tips may be of good help.

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Work hard, but rest harder.

How To Tell You Are Overworked

1. Suffer in Silence

You should do the only thing if you have huge bills to pay and cannot afford to leave the job. If the office gets busy in peak season and everyone else is having a similar situation, it applies to you too! Everyone faces days when they don’t have any other option but to continue with the extra workload as there is no other alternatives. However, if the situation is creeping into your personal life and ruining your relationships’ best, it is time you talk with your boss and tell him that you’re feeling overworked.

2. Drop Clues

If you are the only one in the workplace facing the brunt of work overload, then it is entirely fair to let co-workers or the boss know about the perils of it. The best solution they might offer is assistance or help or may entirely take the workload off from your back, who knows.  

However, going straight up to the boss and divulging your perils won’t give a solution. It is essential to dropping clues and hints for your colleagues, like, talking with your colleague about how you come early to the office and leave late or dropping a message about the hard work done for the day! These hints would make them understand or take a hint about your overload work situation. Be mindful not to whine in front of the colleagues about the situation; it would look like trying to earn sympathy points. You can also seek help/assistance for a particular work.

3. Have the Talk

When hints don’t work, it is essential to talk with your manager/boss that you have too much work. Gather time with the manager, drop a hint, and let them know about the over workload situation and your plight. Be mindful of making a list of the projects and priorities you’re handling. It is always good to be prepared about the workload to mention if the boss enquire. You can also offer suggestions on distributing the workload among the colleagues or associates in a much more manageable way. When it comes time to talk, always be objective and positive.

You shouldn’t seem complaining or whining, leave the talk with suggestions and say positive things about the job burnout and the projects assigned. Also, seek your manager’s advice on how to manage the work more effectively. Be clear about what you want to achieve after the conversation, and suggest to follow up with the manager again regarding the progress of work and projects. 

What’s something employers might not know about your experience with feeling overworked, and what would you say to guide them to deal with too much work effectively? If you have a story to tell, please send a blog post to Please include a photo for the piece, a photo of yourself and a short bio.

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