How to use LinkedIn to Improve Your Recruitment Process

Learn how to use LinkedIn’s features such as InMail, Referrals, LinkedIn Groups and LinkedIn Job Postings to improve your recruitment strategy and hire top talent.

The recruiting field has changed dramatically over the years. Earlier, looking for recruiting was to publish ads in newspapers, circulars, and then get suitable candidates for the position. It was a lengthy but fruitful process. In present times, recruiting can be done by the tip of a finger. All one needs is a smartphone and the best-recruiting sites.

How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit Top Talent 

LinkedIn is one of the best professional networking sites where one can not only post information about vacancies but also make professional connections, get the best pool of candidates, and also look for jobs. LinkedIn is fast becoming one of the most popular professional sites. Many employers have cited it as an extremely effective way of scouring talent. Employers can post their vacancy ads detailing the requirements and eligibility criteria wherein suitable candidates can apply and can be screened out accordingly. However, employers and organizations have to keep certain things in mind before recruiting and hiring from professional social platform LinkedIn. We have listed the best tips on how to use Linkedin to recruit people.

How-to-use-LinkedIn-to-hire-top-talent-recruitment-process-hiringDevelop a Company Profile

Employers should create a prolific company LinkedIn profile, updating the information regularly, share information about their services, showcasing their testimonials, and highlighting their career opportunities. Additionally, employers should also post relevant and engaging content on a routine basis for their followers. First, learn how to use LinkedIn to create a compelling employer brand.

Screen and Verify Candidates

LinkedIn is helpful for employers as they show a full picture of a candidate’s capabilities in addition to the resume, job application, or a brief personal introduction. The site can also be used for screening and verifying abilities, credentials, and skills before connecting with the candidates. The employer can check the endorsements, recommendations, education, prior work experience, and interests of the candidate through the platform.

Use InMail

InMails feature of LinkedIn is useful to reach out to candidates. That is a private inbox at LinkedIn, for private messaging with candidates. Additionally, employers can also post jobs on LinkedIn to recruit candidates for a fee, or informally post them at no cost within applicable groups and through status updates. There is also a “Sponsored Jobs” section where employers can bid for the top placement in the “Jobs You Maybe Interested In” section of the LinkedIn homepage.

Participate in Groups and post Status Updates

LinkedIn groups are an excellent way to source candidates, and employers can post vacancies in them. However, some groups limit recruiters from continually posting about jobs if they don’t interact and participate in the group.

Use the Question and Answer section

Employers should use question and reply features of LinkedIn to establish relationships with experts and influencers as they can help them to fill positions. They can also post questions specific to a position or department with regular openings for the candidates.

Access Employees’ Networks for Referrals

LinkedIn is referral-friendly and allows employers to identify potential people who they can connect with and suggest candidates as employee referrals. The platform also makes it easy for employers to trace connections between job candidates and employees and use employees’ contacts to get potential candidates.

Measure your Success

In LinkedIn, organizations can measure their recruiting success by integrating and tracking the same types of metrics used for other platforms and also monitor where candidates are coming from. For the employers looking for fancy in recruiting, there is a Talent Brand Index feature in LinkedIn where employers can measure how strong their recruiting is within the platform.

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