You should really use Twitter for Job Search

Have you heard about social media recruitment? Of course, you have. So, benefits of social media are not limited to recruiters, it may also come handy to job seekers. Knowing about vacant positions in multi-national companies is one side of using social media, while making an impact on the hiring managers is the other. Also, using sites like Twitter for job search has proved to be really effective for candidates.

twiiter for job search

With all the job portals and sites like LinkedIn, Twitter often flies under the radar when it comes to searching a job. Not only job portals, today there are countless job hunting apps that are available for free to help job seekers in finding a job that is right for them. When it comes to Twitter, you can use Twitter for job search and stay connected with recruiters and employers from the relevant field in addition to creating your profiles on job portals and those job search apps.

Create a professional Twitter account

Create your Twitter account that highlights your professional profile. Mention your job position and the company that you currently work for, similar to your LinkedIn profile. Make your profile as professional as you could, no matter what your job role is. You can tweet links to some of the relevant articles, also you can provide a link to your personal blog if you have one.

If you already have a Twitter account for personal use, consider creating another one for professional use. Use personal account to connect with your friends and family while using the professional one for work purpose. You do not want a profile that says everything about your personal life, as it would also show those drunk posts to your potential employer, and I guess you don't want that, do you?

Follow institutions and industry leaders

You need to know the important people in your field and follow them on Twitter. Suppose you are a software developer, you can follow some of the experts in your industry or follow the recruiters of the companies that you would like to work for.

Twitter also suggests you some accounts to follow based on the people you are already following under the tab “who to follow”. You can also take help of LinkedIn to know whom to follow by searching through company and designation. If you want to take a position of software developer, consider following someone who is already a software developer of the hiring manager at the company that you would like to work for. Once you have followed a lot of relevant people, you can start retweeting or mentioning them in specific tweets using ‘@’ symbol.

Use proper hashtags

Using appropriate hashtags can really enhance your profile. You can also start a “Hire Me” campaign by using #HireMe, #Candidate, #JobSeeker, #JobSearch, etc. Using such hashtags will make it easier for hiring managers to search your profile and will increase your chances of getting hired. Interacting with different people will help you build a strong professional network, thus providing more opportunities.

 Do you use Twitter for job search? If so, tell us how.

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