How to Write a Congratulations Email for a Promotion

How would you write a congratulations email for someone who has received a promotion or award? Well, writing a congratulations on a promotion message can be tricky. If you don’t get it right, you might come across as unprofessional. And if you send out too many emails, you risk annoying your recipient. 

Job promotion congratulations emails should be short, sweet, and personal. They should also include some information about why you want to congratulate them. Here are a few examples of good and bad congratulations emails. 

Your best bet: Letting the recipient know why you’re sending him/her a congrats email. “I was just thinking of you the other day when I saw that great news. Congratulations on being promoted.” (good) vs. “I’m so excited for you! Congrats!” (bad) 

Your worst-case scenario: The recipient doesn’t need any encouragement; he’s already motivated enough by his success. “Congrats on getting the job” is fine. “Thanks for getting hired” isn’t. 

This advice on congratulations on a promotion message comes from etiquette expert Martha Stewart. She says you must follow three main rules when writing a congratulations email. You have to write them in person. You have to make this email specific to the individual. And you have to end the message with something complimentary. 

job promotion congratulations email

Share your happiness with a congratulatory message when someone gets promoted in your team.

How To Congratulate Someone On A Promotion 

Here are six simple ways to create a successful promotion congratulations email.

1. Be direct. Send a card when you find out that someone has been chosen for a prestigious award, such as one of those gold medals awarded at the Olympics. Do not send multiple cards. That will look like a desperate ploy for attention. A personal note from you will suffice. Or maybe a phone call to express your appreciation.

2. Make sure the card arrives before the big event. It may seem obvious but try to avoid making the sender wait for the card days after the award ceremony.

3. Don’t use stock phrases. Instead, tailor a couple of sentences of your own. Use words such as “congratulations,” “best wishes,” and “thank you.” Avoid using clichés.

4. Keep the message brief. No more than two paragraphs. People don’t always read beyond the first paragraph. Send no more than two pages. Better yet, send a handwritten note rather than an email.

5. Mention how excited everyone in your office becomes every time they hear good news. You could even mention that it’s your pleasure to work closely with their supervisor because of all the positive feedback she gives them. 

If you want to show your appreciation, consider giving her a gift certificate, bonus, or other benefits.

6. End the message with a compliment. For example, “Well done! It seems you’ve made quite a splash over here at work — congratulations again!” 

Promotion Congratulations Email Samples 

Here are a few samples of congratulations on a promotion messages:  

Sample 1 

Hey John,  

I just wanted to take the time to congratulate you on your recent promotion at work. Congratulations on a job well done! 

Congratulations on your promotion. I’m so proud of you; we’ve been waiting for this for a long time! It’s not every day you get promoted like that, so be sure to enjoy this moment with your family and friends! And don’t forget about me when it comes to claiming your place in the big leagues 😉 

Best Wishes, 

 Meghan B. 

 Sample 2 

Dear Mitchelle, 

 Today is one of those days where I feel extremely lucky and blessed beyond words. 

Well done on getting a promotion this week! You must be thrilled with the new responsibilities… 

I am really proud of you – keep up your hard work! I wish you every success in your future career moves. 


Aliya Trevor. 

Sample 3 

Hi Fred 

Congratulations, you’ve been promoted! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over the years. We are so lucky to have you as a part of our team.

We want to congratulate you for the great work that has brought about such a wonderful promotion. I hope it will inspire me to keep going and achieve even greater things in the future! 

Best regards, 

– Your Team Division Manager-   

Sample 4 

Dear John, 

Congratulations on your promotion! We’re so excited that you’ve been promoted to supervisor. You’ve worked so hard to get here, and we’re thrilled not just for you but for the entire team. With your knowledge of our services, we know that this position is in good hands and the results can only be better.  

Best of luck! 

Maintenance Manager    

Sample 5 

Hi Claud, 

Congratulations! This is a huge achievement, especially soon after being promoted to lead technician. You’ve worked incredibly hard to get here, and we’re thrilled for you. We know that you’ll do a great job, lead the team with confidence, and make all of us here at Company Inc. very proud.  

Now get out there and show ’em what you’re made of! 

 – Human Resources Manager – 

Bottom Line 

Suppose you’re in charge of promoting someone —whether a manager or employee —one of the first things to do is sending a congratulations on a promotion message. A simple statement like “you did a great job” does wonders. But if you want more than that, consider sending a personalized congrats email. Follow the steps above on how to congratulate someone on a promotion.

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