How To Write A Post-Interview Thank You Note

Getting a job of your dream these days may require more than just performing exceptionally well at interviews. More than one-in-five (22%) of hiring managers in the US say they are not likely to hire candidates that didn’t send a post-interview thank you note, according to a 2011 survey by CareerBuilder. While some managers may say it’s not a criterion, TheHRDigest believes that writing a post-interview thank you note is a way of being more clinical and professional in any job hunt. Candidates who didn’t write after interview thank you note are not serious about the opportunity, says 56% of the participants, while 86% say it shows a lack of follow-through.

What if I don’t know how to write after interview thank you note? The procedure is here, including a post-interview thank you note sample for a guide. Some job candidates purposely don’t want to write a post-interview thank you note simply because they are afraid it could mess things up and become the deal breaker if the thank you note fails to please the manager. Here are simple tips on how to write a post-interview thank you note.

Write A Post-Interview Thank You Note

Don’t create new rules

You don’t want to stay away from the formalities in writing a post-interview thank you note even if you have built some rapport through the interview. Follow the official email etiquette, remain professional and don’t let down your guard. It’s not a moment to spice up things and show a character even if it could be welcoming– your reader expects you to be at your best and you can never tell what their reactions could be.

Send your post-interview thank you note at the right time

Do not send a thank you note immediately after the interview, while this may help you to remember important details from your conversations, it could also show that you are desperate. Too much of anything is not ideal, moderate is the key. You should send an after interview thank you note within 24 hours of the interview.

Personalize your post-interview thank you note

Managers are aware you could compose a generic thank you note for every interview you attend. Avoid putting yourself in such a mess. It doesn’t just warrant a generic response but a red flag in your level of professionalism. Make sure your thank you is sincere and authentic. Mention specifics and highlight details of the things you appreciated. Personalizing the note will leave a positive impression; show some level of respect and your interest in the position.

Reiterate your interest

You should have a clearer understanding of the position and an idea of the company’s culture after the interview. The knowledge is not supposed to be ignored while writing a post-interview thank you note. Add a little detail and reiterate you are qualified, excited and interested in pursuing the opportunity.

Post-interview Thank You Note Sample

John Doe 321 Ring Street Yourtown, LA 54321 423-444-XXXX

June 21, 2019

Ethan Jo Hiring Manager, XYZ Media Company 34 Corporate Road Corporate City, TX 32123

Subject: Thank you, Jo!

Dear Mr. Jo

I sincerely wish to express my appreciation for the time you devoted to learning more about my background and your insights about the assistant media planner at XYZ Media Company.

Based on the details you provided on the role, I was particularly pleased to learn that XYZ Media Company emphasizes more on team collaboration, which fosters inclusiveness while also inspires innovation. I was thrilled to learn that I could use X-software to develop my ideas in a network of media experts which is essential in allowing me to feel completely free in my contribution and to develop more skills easily.

I am very confident that my theoretical and practical experiences are the perfect match to effectively fill the job requirements. Please feel free to contact me should you have any additional questions regarding my background. I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you once again for extending your courtesy to me.


(Signature hard copy letter) John Doe 423-444-XXXX

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