How to Write a Reference Letter (With Examples)

If you want to know how to write a reference letter, we explain more about this process and its results. You will find out what a reference letter is and how to write it properly. You may need to apply for a new job, and a reference letter could be a huge help in getting a new job. 

how to write a letter of reference

Let’s see what to write in a reference letter and what benefits you can have from this kind of letter. 

What Is a Reference Letter

A reference letter is a letter of recommendation from a former employer that describes the skills, accomplishments, and achievements of a previous employee. It is a letter that describes the employee in a positive manner and serves as an endorsement of a person’s positive attributes. 

A reference letter is needed if you apply for a job, volunteer position, internships, and graduate school programs. It is important to have a reference letter if you apply for a college too. A good recommendation can make miracles and you can be accepted in the organization if a letter is well-crafted. 

For all these reasons, you should ask your previous employee or a person from the previous organization to write a recommendation letter to you. In this matter, you can experience many benefits. 

Reference Letter Examples 

In a reference letter, you should include some of the important parts that will be important for the tone of the letter. In the beginning, you should make a salutation to the person that you are writing to. You can start with “Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name” or “Dear Hiring Manager” if you do not know the exact name of the person. 

A job reference letter should be continued with the first paragraph where you can explain your connection to the person that you are describing. You should mention how long you know them, what kind of connection you have with them, and why you recommend them to the future employer. 

In the second and third paragraphs, you can write about the person’s achievements and contributions to the job in the previous period. You can describe how the person’s skills made the improvements in the organization or a company. In this part of a reference letter, you should be honest and describe the ability of a person to complete certain tasks. 

In the last paragraph, there are the details about your contact information where a reference writer should include the email and phone number. 

When a reference letter is complete, you can send it to a future employer and expect them to accept the application of the employee mentioned in the letter. 

Sample of Reference Letter

In the text below, you can find a sample of reference letter where you can see the most important point of this kind of letter. See more below. 

John Brown
192 Street Road, Spring Town, HU, 0908-555-3333,

December 1, 
George Dale
Marketing Director 
XY Marketing 
22 Miles Road
Jacksonville, FL 23212

Dear Mr. Dale, 

It is my pleasure to recommend Lisa Kennet for the position of marketing manager within your company. Ms. Kennet worked at our ABC Company for three years and I was her coordinator during the entire period of her work at our company. 

When she was part of our company, she showed great managing skills and the ability to focus on the relevant tasks. Her work was diligent and sincere, and I had a great advantage of her skills in the position of a marketing assistant in our company. She showed us that hard work and dedication to each project can make significant results, and she was the backbone of our successful campaigns in the previous years. 

I recommend Ms. Kennet without reservations and I believe she will be a valuable member of your team. Do not hesitate to reach me anytime you want. 

John Brown


Now when you know how to write a reference letter, you can make a good recommendation for an employee that you want to recommend. It is easier with a sample of reference letter that we showed in this article. 

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