How to Write A Resignation Letter Template

Sometimes, you will need to write a resignation letter to your current employer. To do so, you will need to know certain rules that you can apply when writing a letter. Here we present the most accurate samples and rules in writing a resignation letter to your employer. Here is what to know. 

Convey a Clear Message

As with any type of letter, you must convey a clear message in the resignation letter. Be straightforward and give notice to your boss that you plan to move forward in your career. 

In this manner, you will leave a positive impression even if you decide to leave the current company. Start your letter with a clear message and continue it with an explanation. Do not play around with words and try to be as specific as possible. 

resignation letter template

Convey a clear message in the resignation letter.

Here is one resignation letter template.

Dear (The name of the current boss), 

Please accept this letter as formal resignation from my position of (the name of your current position) with (company name). My last day will be (15 days from now), and this is when I will leave the company. 

Thank you very much for giving me an opportunity to work in this position in the last (the period that you have spent on the current position). It’s been a great joy and I am grateful for the skills I learned in this role. I have learned (name a few skills) and this knowledge will give me an advantage in my future career. 

During the last two weeks, I will give my best to perform well and do all my duties according to the company standards. I will also take the responsibility to train the colleagues that will replace me in this role. 

I wish great success to the company, and I hope to stay in touch with you. 


(Your name) 

Importance of a Resignation Letter 

By writing this kind of letter you will gain positive results. Later on, the letter of recommendation from this employer can be very important in the future. It is always good to ask for a letter of recommendation, and if you have this letter, you can find a new job much easier. 

When writing a resignation letter, it is important not to go into detail. Do not explain your endless reasons why you are leaving and try to be as clear as possible. It is enough to say that you are leaving the company because you found a better opportunity, or you can simply omit the reasons completely. 

There are no rules for writing this letter but the resignation letter template presented above will give you a real advantage and it will speak about your professionalism. 

If you manage to find a new job, you will need to write a resignation letter to the current employer and this is something inevitable. It is very important to mention the skills that you have learned so far because the employer will be satisfied to know that you have gained enough experience in the present role. 

This kind of experience will serve you gratefully in the future career where you can focus on future roles. If you are competent enough, you will have success at the new job. A resignation letter will improve your interpersonal skills and it will serve as a great base for staying in touch with the current employer. 

The current employer will have you in mind if some other vacancy shows up in the future, which might be a great solution if you decide to come back to the company. A resignation letter is part of your professional approach to the job you do which is why correct writing of a resignation letter can create a more personal bond between you and your current boss. 

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