How To Write An Internship Certificate Sample : Certificate of Internship

Internship certificates are issued to interns who complete training at a company or an institution. This certificate is proof of completing internship duration (in months or year), stipends given (if any), and other job-role specific details.

The internship certificate is an essential document for the students once their education is completed, and they become ready for the job field. In particular organizations, internship certificates also work as experience letters and help the applicant reap the organization’s benefits. With the internship certificate’s help, candidates can prove their skills, talent, and worth for the job role position.

Certificate of Internship

sample internship letter format templates

Certificate of Internship

There are various internship certificates for different roles; some are issued for online courses where students don’t need to pay any amount. There are internships where students need to spend on the company, and in some, the company gives stipends to students. Internships help students and job applicants to develop their skills, learn about the field, guide them into the career paths, and make them understand how to establish a good relationship with their co-workers.

Internship Letter Format

The format of the internship letter will include the following details:

  • Company Name and Logo
  • Date of issuing the Internship letter
  • Name of the intern
  • Company name issuing the letter
  • Internship period (from and to)
  • Project Name and details
  • Best Wishes to the intern
  • Name of project manager and signature

Internship Certificate Sample

Company Name

Company Logo

Date: [DD/MM/YYYY]


This is to certify that [Name of intern] has completed his/her internship in [Designation of internship] at [company name], from [Start date] to [End date].

He/She has worked on the project titled [Name of the project]. This project was aimed at [purpose of the project]. As part of the project, he/she has [work done by intern].

During his/her internship, the candidate has demonstrated his/her self-motivation skills to learn new skills. His/Her performance exceeded our expectations, and he/she could complete the project on time.

We wish him/her all the best for his/her upcoming career.

[Company Name]

[Issuing Person Name]



Business Management Internship Certificate

Business management is a marketing job profile where an employee needs to effectively show the marketing skills, business strategies, communication, financial, and leadership qualities. This field is suitable for students who have pursued their education in BBA and MBA courses. A business management profile is responsible for cashing in revenues for a company.  A sample of an internship certificate for business management is given below.

Company Name

Company Logo

Date: 10/10/2020


This is to certify that (name of the candidate) has done his internship in Business Management at XYZ company, from (start date) to (end-date).

He has worked on setting relationships with new clients and making deals for the company’s latest project. This project was aimed to sell handmade products. As part of the project, he has approached the clients through mails, in person, based on the design briefs and promo specifications.

During his internship, he has demonstrated his skills with self-motivation to learn new skills. His performance exceeded our expectations, and he was able to complete the target on time.

We wish him all the best for his upcoming future.

XYZ Company

Project Manager


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