How to Write Cover Letter for Internship (Samples & Writing Tips)

When you apply for an internship, you should consider a few important aspects of writing a cover letter for the company you apply for. From the usage of the right keywords to the overall intention of writing a cover letter, you must take into account all of the details.

how to write cover letter sample

Here we present the top writing tips and samples of a cover letter that you should use for your next internship application. Keep reading to find out more. 

Be concise and direct 

Always be concise and direct in your cover letter. Describe why you apply for an internship position and how your career should look like in the future. Be open to offering your skills and previous knowledge to help the company in its business goals. 

If you do not have a lot of experience, you should write that in the cover letter, because this way you do not create a false picture about yourself. 

You can always mention the relevant education that you have and the previous skills that you gained during the educational path. Be direct and offer the company everything that you consider relevant for the internship position. 

Always address the right person 

If you speak to the HR manager, always reference the name of this person in your cover letter. If for some reason, you do not know the name of the person you are addressing your letter to, make sure that you write Dear Mr./Ms. at the beginning of the letter. 

Describe your intentions 

When you write a cover letter, describe what your goals will be in the future. Explain what your main intention is and what you think you will gain from the internship program. In this manner, you present yourself more professionally and you leave a positive impact on a reader. 

Cover Letter for Internship (Sample)

Dear Mr. Adams, 

I am sending my resume for consideration for (the name of the position) at (the company name). Thanks to the skills and education that I have, I believe I could be a good fit for this position. 

In my four years of education at (the college name), I have gained the skills in the following areas (name a few skills here).

In addition, I was part of the volunteer projects in my community and these projects gave me the confidence in helping people with (the list of skills you gained from the volunteering projects). 

As part of my last year at college, I worked part-time at (the name of the company) and I learned to cope with stress in different situations. I’ve also learned to (name the set of skills you learned at this job). 

Summing it all up, I believe I would be a real asset to your team. In my future career, I plan to gain more experience in the areas of work that will be reserved for my position and I will give my best effort to be a valued member of your company. 

I look forward to hearing from you! 

Susannah Smith 

Final Thoughts

As you can see, the cover letter for the internship is simple and descriptive at the same time. It should emphasize your present skills and values that you want to share with the prospective company.

You should not hide your motives and intentions, and you should always mention why you want to work at the exact company. This will motivate the reader to hire you and give you a chance to do an internship program within the company.

Always be clear and look for ways that can further explore your knowledge about the area of your work. As you prepare for an internship, use your spare time to work on your skills and knowledge in the areas that you apply for.

In this manner, you will be more prepared for the internship program when a company gives you the right chance to show your knowledge.

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